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Trump made an important statement on the DPRK

Трамп сделал важное заявление по КНДРWashington is ready to consider any sanctions against Pyongyang.

The US President Donald trump said that his administration refuses to consider any options in relation to the DPRK, said in a statement released by the White house on Tuesday after another missile test undertaken by Pyongyang.

“Threats and destabilizing actions only increase the isolation of the North Korean regime in the region and among all countries of the world. (USA) consider all possible measures”, presented in the statement the words of D. trump.

“The world got a loud and clear signal from North Korea: the regime has shown the contempt for the neighbors, all members of the United Nations, that of Korea (DPRK adheres to) minimum standards of acceptable international behavior,” said D. trump.

Earlier it was reported that launched on Tuesday, the DPRK ballistic missile flew about 2.7 thousand km, including over Japanese territory, reaching the maximum altitude of 550 km. the Secretary General of the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan, Yoshihide Suga said that the rocket flew over the Cape Erimo in Hokkaido and fell into the Pacific ocean approximately 1180 km from Erimo.

The Pentagon has confirmed that the DPRK launched the rocket flew over Japan.

The UN Security Council on Tuesday will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the situation associated with the launch of North Korean ballistic missiles.

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