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Trump lawyers allege ‘MASSIVE’ election fraud, point to sworn statements & efforts to threaten and silence them (VIDEO)

“I know crimes, I can smell them. But I don’t have to smell this – I can prove it to you 18 different ways,” Giuliani, a former federal prosecutor before he served as mayor of New York City, told reporters on Thursday. 

Trump campaign legal aide Jenna Ellis told reporters that the elections in the several disputed counties were “irredeemably compromised,” and that this will be demonstrated in the court of law – not the court of public opinion, where she said the members of the press would all be stricken from the jury as too biased.

The campaign’s goal wasn’t to overturn the election as such, but to ensure that the US had free and fair elections going forward, Ellis argued. If fraud succeeds, “no election will be secure from here on out.”

Ellis wasn’t the only one to clash with reporters. Giuliani said the conference’s purpose was to “get around the Iron Curtain of censorship” in both mainstream and social media, accusing the press of failing to accurately cover the lawsuits and the allegations and outright lying about them. 

Pushing back on a question that claimed multiple lawsuits have been dismissed, he said the campaign actually had only three right now, and had just dropped the one in Michigan because they got relief they sought.

As for the lawyers “dropping like flies,” as one reporter put it, that was because they and their families were receiving death threats, Giuliani said. 

“We’re headed to a very bad place,” the former mayor of New York City warned, noting that the “vicious press” has intimidated witnesses as well as lawyers, and that the “censorship by Big Tech and Big Media is almost as bad” as the alleged election fraud.

Democrats have insisted there was no “widespread” fraud and that Trump’s legal team had no evidence of any. While Trump has refused to concede, the mainstream media have called the election for Biden. Any claim that disagrees with that has been labeled by social media platforms as “disputed.”

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