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Trump is trying to bring us back to the stone age

Трамп пытается вернуть нас в каменный век

There is no “American goods”, “Chinese goods”, “Russian goods”. Today, any product is a product made from raw materials, components and technologies produced in many countries in many commodities in many countries.

The basis of international trade is intermediate goods, i.e. raw materials and components. The business feels the most effective forms of international division of labor, international specialization. Due to this decrease the cost, increases the competitiveness of goods, stimulated by the innovation.

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If all countries tried to produce all goods and their components only, such autarky would lead to a multiple increase in the prices of goods that we have long believed the ordinary, but many common goods, resulting from international cooperation, simply would not appear.

Conversely, the concept of division of labor actually created modern civilization in the form we know it.

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Trump in this plan is trying to bring us back to the stone age. Need to protect the freedom of trade.

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