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Trump got into an altercation with a CNN journalist during press conference

Трамп поскандалил с журналистом CNN во время пресс-конференцииAlso went to the BBC and BuzzFeed.

Newly elected President Donald trump during his press conference, snapped a CNN journalist who wanted to ask a question.

Before trump was answering a question from another journalist published in the press regarding compromising: “I think it a shame that so many news agencies released false and fake information. It’s a shame. It is an act worthy of the German Nazis. This information is false, it never happened, was published first by BuzzFeed, which is just a bunch of garbage, and they will feel the consequences of publication, and publication until CNN spread it.”

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After this, the CNN journalist asked: “If you accuse us, then let me ask a question.”

What trump said rigid refusal, ordered to transfer the floor to another journalist and the representative of the hated channel stopped with the words “quiet”, “I give you words”, “you are doing a fakie”.

Went also to the BBC, which trump called “another dubious organization,” but the listening.

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Recall, BuzzFeed published comprometerse dossier for Donald trump, who allegedly collected the former representative of the British intelligence, however, is not confirmed. It has enough juicy details that allegedly happened with the newly elected President of the United States.

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