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Trump decided not to build a wall on the border with Mexico

Трамп передумал строить стену на границе с МексикойThe US President added that finally rejected pre-election promise

The President of the United States Donald trump rejected the assumption that he allegedly buried the project of the wall on the border with Mexico, but expressed a willingness to pause before asking for money from the Federal budget. About this trump wrote on Twitter.

“Don’t let the fake media to hang you noodles on the ears, if I changed my mind about the wall. It will be built and stop drugs, human trafficking, etc.,” wrote trump.

Democrats in Congress have vowed to block a possible request for funding for this project, as the cost of protective structures is estimated at billions of dollars.

The wall on the border with Mexico was one of the key election promises trump. During the campaign he argued that the very persuade Mexico to pay for construction, but the Mexican government is very clearly given to understand what was on the wall a penny.

Trump has several times changed its estimate of the cost of the project. One of the voiced sums – $ 10 billion.

Earlier it was reported that the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico can be financed through a 20 per cent tax on imports of Mexican goods.

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