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Trump called the journalist an “enemy of the people”

Трамп назвал журналиста "врагом народа"Trump refused to answer the second question.

The President of the United States Donald trump during a speech at the White House on the results of parliamentary elections, entered into a verbal squabble with the journalist of CNN Jim Acosta.

The reporter asked Trump incriminating question about his relationship to the caravan of migrants, which trump described as “invasion” in the United States. Acosta asked the President isn’t “demonization” of the caravan of migrants was a political trick on the eve of elections, to which trump responded that the U.S. needs people and advised the journalist to do their work.

“I run the country, you work as a journalist, and if you work well, you can achieve more,” said trump.

While trump refused to answer the second question raised by the journalist concerning the investigation of the Russian case.

“I’m not interested in the Russian investigation, because it is a deception,” said the American President. Then added that CNN should be ashamed of this reporter as Acosta.

“You are a terrible and rude person. You should not be working at CNN. When you treat people is terrible,” said trump, adding: “When you submit the fake news that abound on CNN, you – enemy of the people,” said trump.

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