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Trump accused the senators in an attempt to unleash the 3rd world

Трамп обвинил сенаторов в попытках развязать 3-ю мировую Donald trump criticized an appeal to the senators.

The US President Donald trump said that senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham needs to focus its energy on the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG banned in the United States, Russia and several other countries), illegal immigration and border security, instead of constant attempts to start a Third world war.

“Joint statement of the former presidential candidates John McCain and Lindsey Graham wrongly, they are sadly unconvincing, with regard to immigration. Both senators should focus their energy on ISIS, illegal immigration and border security instead of constantly trying to start a third world war,” wrote trump on his Twitter page.

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On Friday, trump signed a decree “On the protection of the country from the entry of foreign terrorists”, which prohibits entry into the US for 90 days to all the citizens of seven countries (Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia, and Sudan), and suspends the reception of any refugees in 120 days and prohibits indefinitely the admission of refugees from Syria.

Senators Graham and McCain, and trump are members of the Republican party, earlier issued a statement in which he called the presidential decree “untested properly”. According to them, the decree will become “a wound inflicted by himself” in the fight against terrorism. “This Executive order sends a signal, intentional or not, that America doesn’t want Muslims come to our country. Because of this, we are concerned that the decree may have more to contribute to the recruitment of terrorists than to improve our security,” — said in a statement.

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