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Trucker shared interesting professional secret

Дальнобойщик поделился любопытным профессиональным секретом The man said, why trucks need different plates.

Truckers are an integral part of the road, but also traffic rules, they follow their own unwritten laws.

Often on the road can meet a truck on the windshield which will have a sign with your name or inscription. Set them for a reason. Each has its own designation.

Installed the nameplate, the way the driver seems to be his colleague, another trucker. Talking on the radio and asking the traffic situation ahead they will have to call each other not by brand and state number of the car, and by name.

The plaque inscription is empty. This inscription is meant for many. First, the traffic police or vehicle Inspectorate. They will know that the wagon is empty, stop and watch the rest of it makes no sense, just a waste of time. Second, this way the driver can find a passing load carriers and earn. Thirdly, the car attracts less attention from the criminal elements.

A sign with the name of the city. The target path of the route is, again, a kind of advertising, maybe someone will need the services of a trucker’s route, and he thus could earn.

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