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Troops in Iraq have liberated another town from ISIS

Войска Ирака освободили еще один город от ИГ Government forces hoisted the national flag on the ancient citadel in the center of tall afar.

The Iraqi army retook from militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG) downtown tall afar, near Mosul. The soldiers hoisted the national flag of Iraq at the Ottoman fortress of the XVI century, announced the army command on Saturday, August 26.

According to the military, in tal afar there are a few places controlled by terrorists. Most of them are located in the North of the city.

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A ground operation to liberate tal afar, the last remaining major city in Iraq under control of ISIS, commenced on 20 August. More recently, in a city with a population of 200 thousand people were about 1,000 fighters. Together with the Iraqi army in the liberation of tal afar involved Shiite militias and Kurdish fighters of Peshmerga.

In mid-August, the Iraqi air force began bombing tal afar, which was destroyed command centers and warehouses of the terrorist group.

Tall afar for three years, is under the control of the IG. It is located 70 kilometers West of Mosul, Iraqi forces released in early July of 2017 after a long battle.

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“Islamic state” is rapidly losing previously conquered territory in the North and West of Iraq. In addition to tall afar under the control of the IG are only a Hawiye city and parts of Anbar province. The insurgents are also losing ground in neighboring Syria.

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