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Trip to Mexico: what you need to remember tourists

Поездка в Мехико: о чем нужно помнить туристамTown with colorful streets and cheap taxis.

Today we continue our journey through Latin America along with leading the show “Latin American check-in” on the TV UFO TV – Slavinski Zhenya and Ilya Lutsenko. The destination is the capital of Mexico, Mexico city. What to do in this full of contrasts city of the Ukrainian tourist? To be careful, to look around and on contemporary art and to visit places for every taste.

Prices, housing, contrasts - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

On arrival in Mexico city should be prepared for the fact that for a taxi to the hotel will have to pay 600 UAH – agree, not cheap. However, you can do public transport, and the prices for food and accommodation are quite reasonable.

Thus, the hosts of the show took a 3-star hotel in the heart of the city for 1000 UAH per day. However, from my own experience Ilya and Zhenya are advised not to do so recklessly, and carefully examine the area where you intend to live, in advance. The hotel guys side by side with some very dangerous neighborhoods, where they could kill for 20 pesos (30 UAH), so that even afraid to once again go to the store. Be careful when choosing housing, even in the Mexican capital is a city of contrasts, where many people live below the poverty line, sit on the drugs and not subject to anything but their own desires.

Historic neighborhoods

Contrasting looks and the Mexico – here, glazed high-rises monsters-and business areas co-exist with the poor neighborhoods, where houses collapse, people live practically on the street. However, even in all this horror, you can find romanticism is a narrow dilapidated streets and locals in bright vestments are great objects for photos and video. In Mexico city, with its colourful graffiti on the walls, bubbling street life and markets-on-every-step you can get really unique shots.

In the historic neighborhoods of the capital – the Cathedral, the ruined square stones, which in good times was the pyramids. Walking through the historic centre, is worth visiting one of the largest cathedrals in Latin America. Despite the sad story – once upon a time on this hill was a large Aztec temple of the God of war, which the Spaniards destroyed and built their temple from the same stone as the Cathedral impresses with its grandeur and simplicity.

There, watching the stones, the buildings that were once the Foundation for the pyramids, Tenochtitlan – the capital of the Aztec Empire on the site of which is now Mexico city. It’s in the air the spirit of the times, the guides tell a beautiful legend about the origin of the city name.

Leading definitely recommend to visit the Palace of the Inquisition, now operating as the Museum of Mexican medicine. Here are facts about a fantastic operations, experiments and presented real human embryos.


Deserve special attention museums. Zhenya and Ilya visited several of them. For example, the Museum of art, Mexico city, delighted the host and received the status of a “Wow-thing”. Its construction cost $ 70 million, and here is a collection of the most famous Mexican and European artists as well as sculptures by Rodin. The entrance is free.

The toy Museum is another bright spot on the city map. It is a private Museum, which collected a variety of toys from all over the world – for example, more than 1,000 Barbie. By the way, the Mexico Barbie is called miss Lily’s, and Ken’s Lady. On the roof of the Museum – private art space with a multitude of colorful graffiti.


Metro Mexico city is a city within a city. It’s clean, neat, over 200 stations (!), train travel on wheels, and in addition, there are separate cars for women and children (to protect them from harassment). The price is quite reasonable – 5 pesos (7,25 UAH) for a single fare (with an average salary of 25-30 thousand UAH). But be careful: they steal here!

Elite area of Santa Fe and the Bohemian El Condesa

If you want to see beautiful-the rich life of the city, it is concentrated in the area of Santa Fe. Here are the business centers, four universities, one of the largest shopping centers in South America and a lot of offices. However, Eugene Slawinski advises not to eat in the expensive café for your money you can get a latte green and absolutely not to satisfy hunger. But tacos (a local specialty) at the “restaurant on wheels” – a heavenly delight for only 10 pesos (15 UAH).

Worth a visit, national Autonomous University of Mexico, which was built by the best architects of Mexico. It’s a city with free entry, where the atmosphere of freedom, creativity and expression.
In the evening a must-have place – El-Condesa. It is hipster space where going Bohemians – musicians, designers, artists. Life here is in full swing and plays in a variety of colors.

Поездка в Мехико: о чем нужно помнить туристам
Поездка в Мехико: о чем нужно помнить туристам
Поездка в Мехико: о чем нужно помнить туристам
Поездка в Мехико: о чем нужно помнить туристам
Поездка в Мехико: о чем нужно помнить туристам
Поездка в Мехико: о чем нужно помнить туристам
Поездка в Мехико: о чем нужно помнить туристам

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