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Tricky Chinese year free of charge fed with a single ticket

Хитрый китаец год бесплатно питался при помощи единственного авиабилетаThe man extracted the maximum benefit from your ticket.

Airports are awful places. Vanity, high prices, tasteless food. Unless, of course, is the waiting room first class (at least so we’re told). There all top class.

Very poor Chinese Wong Yut Wah For once I bought a first-class ticket on the airline China Eastern Airlines at the airport, XI’an city Shaanxi. Waste, you say? But our hero managed to squeeze out of this ticket maximum benefit.

The fact that first class passengers are entitled tight, tasty and lunch before the flight due to the airline.

So Wong every day went out to the airport, had dinner before the flight and then rebook the ticket the next day. And so EVERY DAY! For a year he had lunch in the waiting room for first class passengers more than 300 times.

Only a year later the representatives of the airline China Eastern Airlines was wrong and started to figure out why one and the same ticket was re-registered so many times.

Realizing what was happening, they cancelled the ticket with full refund savvy passenger.

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