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“Trick or treat” was able to remove the icons of horror

Now, Director Michael Dougherty has continued work on a sequel to “Godzilla”, but in the nearest plans he listed the shooting of a sequel of the hit horror anthology “trick or treat”. The original film came out in 2007 and consisted of several stories United by a Halloween theme. Each segment was directed personally Daugherty, but as it turned out, the original idea for the scenario was much more interesting.

In the early stages of creating a General outline of the film was handed over to the special effects master Stan Winston, who came from them in delight. Winston immediately volunteered to produce the picture, and in the Director’s chair he was planning to bring the iconic stars of horror. Daugherty says:

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He plans to be a traditional anthology, where each episode takes a separate Director. So he could invite George Romero, John carpenter and Touba Hooper. Great team, isn’t it? That’s just a movie no one was interested.

Yes, unfortunately, even the presence of such big names did not convince the Studio to undertake the project. Then Daugherty tried to make a film – and it turned out well for him! And who knows – maybe the Director will try to pull the original design with the second part.

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