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Trend: products for the care of vagina

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Over the past year in the beauty market appeared the unprecedented amount of funds for intimate care. And we’re not talking about banal gel or soap. Skin care “down there” involves a multi-step process. Brands such as The Perfect V, Queen V, Deo Doc, VMagic, Lady Suite and Two L (i) issued exfoliation and cleansers, wipes, sprays, balm labia, iridescent highlighter to the vulva, to (God forgive me) “add glow”. What is wrong with all these funds and whether they do us, meet the experts-gynecologists.

You know what came up glamour? Yes, to mask with activated charcoal to “detoxify and relax your vulva”. Perhaps the creators of this masterpiece, the funds would soon be released and micellar water to the perineum, which will save you from dirt, pimples and blackheads. But is not about that.

A new wave of funds for intimate care, like a tsunami, washed away everything in its path… Now the network is talking about it a little crazy trend. “For fun, and you can try” — you say. However, are these products safe? This question answered by experienced gynecologists.

Vulva and vagina are self-sufficient and know how to protect themselves from harmful influences. Additional products do not need for everyday hygiene. It is sufficient to wash once a day, so that any problems did not arise, says Dr. Jamie Soltis, a gynecologist from new York.

The expert pointed out that although charcoal, as is well known, “attracts toxins like a magnet”, you should know that vulva “is not subjected to harmful influences, in such amount as the face.”

As for sprays and lotions, Shultis first to draw attention to an unpleasant smell or appearance of discharge. If you notice any changes, you must first go to the doctor, not know whether you picked up any infection, and not run to buy expensive products to cover up problems.

Also makes no sense to use tools which normalize the pH balance of the vagina copes with this myself. Intimate care products for skin often do not undergo extensive clinical trials, it is ironic, therefore, should be especially cautious.

Soltis believes that it is not necessary to completely write off women’s beauty products for intimate areas:
If it works for someone, that’s great. I’ve seen a lot of women with good results. Does your vulva need it? Probably not. The skin in this area can be very sensitive, so even a minimal amount of product (especially synthetic fragrances) can cause irritation. Therefore, if you notice redness or itching, discontinue use immediately.

Dr. Sandra Koch said that many of these tools can be useful.
I see a lot of women who complain of dryness or itching of the vagina or vulva. I usually suggest to stop using wipes containing alcohol and gels with aggressive chemical composition. Buy coconut oil, beeswax or a special blend of natural oils.Remember that intimate the areas where the Horny layer of the skin passes into the epithelium of the mucous membranes, characterized by a more acidic reaction than the skin on the body surface: the pH value ranges from 3.5 to 4.5, which is due mainly to the activity of the natural microflora — in particular, resident Lactobacillus doderlein lactobacilli, which produce lactic acid. It the pH of the intimate zones helps to inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms that cause candidiasis, herpes, and gardnerellez — they prefer a neutral environment.

Many believe that the use of antibacterial wipes helps to maintain the natural pH balance, reduces odor and helps “refresh the skin” after sex or during menstruation. However, it is not so.

An imbalance pH can lead to the development of vaginal infections. This is a sign that the vagina is not enough good bacteria. People need to stop thinking about vaginal pH as about what you can control. Wipes cannot restore pH to the vagina, you wipe only the outer bodies. It’s like if you have bad breath, you wash your face and expect a gel cleanser will help to freshen the breath, explains Dr. Jennifer Gunter.

Emma Watson in an interview, admitted that can not live without oil for pubic hair (unexpectedly). The actress said that the oil softens the hair, prevents ingrown hairs and clears pores. But what do you think about this professional:

It’s probably a harmless thing, but most likely, absolutely necessary. Pubic hair, like any other hair, produce fat. Although, if there are sections which really can be dry, can help simple coconut oil.

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