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“Tremors 6”: full trailer and premiere date!

Earlier in the week we showed you the first trailer of the Comedy horror film “Tremors 6”, but this trailer was defective. Apparently, and indeed someone took the unfinished version and uploaded it to the Network, because the steel roller to remove from everywhere. Thank Cthulhu for a long time to sit without Griboedov’t have: full trailer now online! And most important: it identifies the date of the premiere of the film.

Recall that the sixth part of the franchise in the original, had the subtitle “A Cold Day In Hell” (“a Cold day in hell”) – and not just.


Bert and his son Travis are investigating a series of attacks large worms and be in isolated in the Arctic tundra research center. Here, Burt begins to suspect that graboid secretly used for military purposes. However, before he could prove his theory, will have to fight for their lives from the poison of graboid in the blood. 48 hours to escape. 48 hours to get the antidote. The problem is that this requires a fresh poison, and therefore will have to extract it from a living graboid…

Took a picture Don Michael Paul the Director of the previous section. Bertha was played by the incomparable Michael gross, who destroyed the carnivorous worms-age back in the 90s the role of his son Travis are back Jamie Kennedy the dude from “Scream”, constantly talking about the “rules” of horror films.

The trailer confirms that everything in the collection. Even apolstery. The hunt will soon begin.

The release of “Shiver of the earth 6” on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital scheduled for May 1, 2018.

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