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“TREE of the DEVIL”: Here is entrenched Evil (TRAILER)

It seems we are facing yet another ominous horror based on a real urban legend. Like this? In my opinion, it is at least curious.

“Tree of the Devil: deep-Rooted Evil” (Devil’s Tree: Rooted Evil) — film independent, and hence inexpensive. Chris Alonzo and Joshua Louis, who acted as the Directors and authors of the script of the film, removed prior to this crime drama is Not for Human Consumption for 200 thousand dollars, and now I try themselves in horror.


Samantha is studying journalism, and to complete graduate work, she needs an interesting news topic. Together with her friend Rob the girl stumbles upon an article about an old tree in a local Park, where there were many terrible events. Mass murder, satanic rituals and even paranormal activity — all directly associated with the Tree of the Devil as it is referred to in urban legends. Samantha with passion is the study of these stories, not knowing how much truth in them, and not realizing that she will uncover the true reason why Evil took root in the Tree of the Devil.

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Starring Maddy Curley (“Rebel”) and Eddie Kaulukukui (“criminal minds”). Judging by the trailer, something interesting in terms of acting, these guys are not going to give, but I think there would something to see.

The creators promise that “the Tree of the Devil” will soon take root on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play, but the specific release date is not yet known.

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