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“Tree 5”, “Passengers” and other colorful trailers of the week

Among the variety of new trailers for our review we selected the most vivid and interesting. This time in our field of view was: the new movie expected holiday Comedy “Christmas Tree 5”, the final trailer of the fantastic Thriller “Passengers,” with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, the first video of the drama “Silence” by Martin Scorsese, as well as the trailer of the cartoon “the snow Queen 3. Fire and ice”.

“Tree 5”, “Passengers” and other colorful trailers of the week

“Christmas tree 5″Someone, according to tradition, the New year goes to the bath, and someone collects friends and goes to the movies on the “Christmas Tree”. In the fifth film of the series will be back favorite characters, but it will be new. Boris, once again something done, trying to regain the love of his wife and son with his friend Genis. Andrew, cool affair right and left, finally settled down, but he was terrible jealous, so he sets a trap wife. Skier and snowboarder too, have found their second halves, but for some reason doesn’t pay them enough attention – all their time is computer games. Some very famous bloggers rushing to her friend Sasha Spielberg, to congratulate her happy New year, but the celebration is suddenly interrupted, because the cheerful company gets stuck in the Elevator. Constantine believes in the proverb “As the New year meet, so spend it”, so doing everything to hold on an oil platform Zhenechka far-fetched to get married, with whom he is secretly in love with. Baba Manya, with the help of a young Ruffed and Vova, trying to find in the Internet his first love.

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Trailer for “Christmas Tree 5”

“Passengers”the Plot of the film, which will be released in Russian cinemas on 29 Dec, talks about the passengers of a spaceship headed for a distant planet Farm-2. On Board the “avalon” 5259 people, the way from Earth to a new home is 120 years. 30 years after the start of the flight out of order, two capsules of hibernation – so from sleep 90 years before awakening two passengers: the journalist Aurora Dunn and engineer Jim Preston. If at first they start to panic, because they have to die before the ship reaches the destination, then getting used to the idea. Gradually passion erupts between them but the smooth flow of life on the ship violates the emergency: on the shoulders of Aurora and Jim falls rescue mission 5,257 people and avalon.

Trailer of the movie “Passengers”

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“Silence”is the basis of the new film directed by Martin Scorsese based on the novel by Japanese writer, Shusako Endo. The action of “Silence” will unfold in the XVII century. The main characters – the priests-the Jesuits – during his trip to Japan with the Christian mission will face violence and resistance. The premiere of the movie will take place in Vatican city in December, and in January it will be released in the us and worldwide. The main role in “the Silence” performed by: Liam Neeson, Adam Diver and Andrew Garfield.

Trailer for “Silence”

“The snow Queen 3. Fire and ice”the Third film loved by young viewers of animated series about the adventures of Kai and Gerda will be released on December 29. Grown-up heroes again get in trouble, but if before the disaster were local, but now Kai and Gerda can be the culprits in the destruction of the world. To remedy the situation, they need help from an old friend – the Troll Orme. This painting was created the Russian-Chinese team – the Studio Wizart Animation and the Flame Node Entertaiment.

The trailer of the cartoon “the snow Queen 3. Fire and ice”

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