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Tree-2: in the center of Kiev noticed a new “Maidan” symbol

Елка-2: в центре Киеве заметили новый "майданный" символKiev unsorted likened the scene to the Day of defender with the “tree” of Yanukovych.

Journalist Nazar Prikhodko found in the center of Kiev, the analogue of the “tree” of Yanukovych. With it, he compared the scene was mounted for the holiday and Protectors still not removed. About this he wrote in Facebook.

Елка-2: в центре Киеве заметили новый "майданный" символ

“Friends, just today somehow focused on it. Here is what is the date today? 22 October, right? So. And when we had a Day of Defender of Ukraine with the establishment of scenes and designs? 14 Oct. So? So. So a week passed, and the stage designs are. And you know why? And because it’s “Tree 2″. I have everything,” he wrote, alluding to the protests.

Note that the “tree” became a symbol of the dispersal of students on Bromide 30 February 2013. It is the installation of Christmas designs Yanukovych said the reason for the clearance area. During the revolution of Dignity metal structure draped in Patriotic symbolism.

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