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Treatment in Israel

Лечение в ИзраилеMedical tourism in Israel has long proved its high efficiency. Treatment in this country every year is gaining popularity, especially among residents of Russia and the former Soviet Union.

– Treatment in Israel – is a 100% guarantee of providing high quality medical care combined with the use of modern equipment and advanced diagnostic techniques.

General information

Every year for diagnosis and treatment in Israel comes at least 500,000 people from around the world, with more than half of this figure is the population of the CIS countries and Russia. The popularity of Israeli medicine due to its higher level. Everyone in this country can easily obtain professional medical help from the best professionals in the business. Not for nothing that Israel is a world leader in the treatment and diagnosis of diseases such as Oncology, orthopedics and gynecology. Eloquent proof of that is the average life expectancy in the country, which for women is 83 years and for men 79.

The main decisive factor in favor of the choice of treatment in Israeli hospitals are two keys: this is a high professionalism of the doctors and use the latest medical equipment and technologies.

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Advantages of the medicine

Choosing a program of treatment and diagnostics in Israel, each patient gets a lot of the following benefits:

– In local clinics of a large number of doctors from around the world. Many of them received training in the best hospitals of Europe, America and Asia.

– Treatment in the clinics is quite accessible for many citizens of Russia and CIS countries. This is because to visit Israel do not need a visa, and the treatment itself is cheaper by 30-35%, than for example in America and in European countries.

– No language barrier. In the medical institutions of Israel are about 50% of the staff is fluent in Russian. And, if necessary, the patient will be provided with a personal interpreter with professional knowledge of medical terminology. Therefore, during the treatment program, the patient and his relatives will not have any problems with understanding doctors and specialists.

– For the treatment of complex diseases in the country’s hospitals are used only effective and completely safe techniques in biochemistry, medicine, Microbiology – medical equipment.

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– Unlike most other countries where the treatment program is chosen by only one doctor in Israel is going to a Council of experienced specialists, who selects the most effective and safe treatment. Thus, each patient is provided an individual approach.

– Mild subtropical climate the country has a positive effect on the human body and significantly reduces the time of rehabilitation. Besides, it allows to combine treatment and a pleasant stay on the famous local resorts.

– All modern achievements of Israeli medicine available to visitors from other countries.

– Virtually every hospital in the country equipped with the latest technology. And for diagnostic use only high-precision equipment, which allows for only 2-3 days to fully examine the patient.

– Whenever possible during the surgical intervention using modern minimal invasive surgery. Their use significantly shortens the patient’s rehabilitation, because during the operation of healthy organs and tissues are not affected.


Comprehensive approach, high professionalism of physicians and modern equipment allows to cure many complicated diseases in Israel, including cancer.

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