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Treat warts at home

Лечим бородавки в домашних условияхBefore using any folk remedies for warts, I advise you to first consult a doctor dermatologist.

Warts are composed of dead cells of the upper skin layer and constitute a viral disease of the epidermis.

The disease can contribute to minor injuries of the skin, sweating.

You can see the warts at home using natural remedies.

The sour juice of fresh apples
For removing warts, it is recommended each day to RUB them with the juice of sour fresh apples.
If you lubricate the wart with a paste of fresh sour apples, they have to go through 10 days.

Garlic and honey
Mix 2:1 by volume slurry of garlic and honey. The mixture was applied in a thick layer on the warts, keep the night, strengthening the ointment with a band-aid.

Ointment of garlic
Warts removed fresh juice or an ointment prepared from the juice of garlic and lard 1:1.

Horseradish juice and salt
Mix 1:1 by weight horseradish juice and table salt. Gently RUB the mixture into the wart.

The juice of onion
Fresh juice of onion every day to grease warts several times.

Onion juice and vinegar
For wart removal, you can brush them 3 times a day of fresh onion juice. Cut into thin slices onion of medium size and pour 0.3 cups of vinegar. Be kept at room temperature for 2 hours. To attach the plate to the warts at night. The procedure is repeated several times until the wart completely disappears.

Onion and salt
Carefully cut the core of the onion, cover it with coarse salt, close. The obtained liquid to RUB warts morning and evening.

Flax seed
Plantar warts can be treated lubricating oil from the seeds of flax.

Warts can also be wet and rubbed with ammonia. The procedure should be repeated daily until complete disappearance of the warts.

Mash the fresh leaves of Kalanchoe pinnate. Gruel from the leaves attach to the wart in a bandage. After 4 treatments, the warts disappear.

Dandelion juice
Young small warts can be cured with the juice of a dandelion, lubricating them affected places 2 times a day. Effectively also mix the juice of dandelion roots with butter in a ratio of 1:4 and to lubricate warts the resulting ointment 3 times a day.

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