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Travelers have caught the show “heads and tails” on lies and distortion of facts

Russian travelers and bloggers Lena gitt and Paul Seals accused the program “heads and Tails” of spreading false facts and false information. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

We are talking about the 16th edition of the twelfth season, “around the world”, telling about the journey to Jakarta, the Indonesian capital. Bloggers have brought a selection of the most coarse mistakes made in the release.

So, leading Regina todorenko said that it is impossible to go from the airport of Jakarta on regular bus, however, the bloggers stated that departs from there several buses to the city centre.

Also Lena and Paul questioned other statements Todorenko: that in Jakarta all day traffic jams that the city is unbearable heat and absolutely no place to walk, pedestrian crossings, drivers do not give way, and much more.

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Bloggers asked the audience not to heed the advice of leading from the “eagle and tails” and try not to use the show as a reliable guide. Many viewers agreed with these accusations. For example, the wearer Neshitov Facebook Anne wrote: “I Love this show, but some facts are presented very casually. For example, in the old issue about Valencia all mixed up — called Opera Museum of science and so forth.”

“The gears about Europe has a history of “heads and Tails” of such “author’s interpretations”. Not able to travel — no need to remove” “It seems that the crew of the “eagle and Tails” was just burned out. Hence the negative”, — commented on in the Network.

We will remind, recently Regina todorenko was at the center of the scandal: at the meeting with the fans in Novosibirsk Regina said that there is no “gold card” that allows you to spend unlimited amounts of money in travel does not exist. The words of the presenter caused an instant reaction of the General producer of the “eagle and tails” Natella Krapivina. According to her, Todorenko misled fans transfer: “it’s not like She is the organizer of the film-making process, is not a producer of the show, respectively, has no real information. Why would she do that? Perhaps for personal PR. For such is inadmissible that Regina will be fined, probably fired at the end of the season.”

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