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Travel “solo”: 5 ideas for single travelers. Photo

Путешествие «соло»: 5 идей для туристов-одиночек. ФотоWe present to your attention the list of the 5 countries in which a lone traveler will feel comfortable.

The number of people traveling the world without friends or loved ones is growing rapidly.

The demand for “tours for singles” spawned a large number of original proposals at the market of tourist services.

1. Gastronomic Paradise Tuscany (Italy)

Путешествие «соло»: 5 идей для туристов-одиночек. Фото

In this case you will be able not only to admire the beauty of Italy and learn to cook the best dishes of outstanding Italian culinary school. It’s great for a week to be in the company of like-minded people at the Casa Ombuto, a recently restored Villa in Tuscany (it is located in a quiet, secluded spot among the hills in the Casentino valley, 50 km South of Florence).

It takes from three rivers, so the surrounding area is nice to walk, picnic or just go swimming. Guests can spend free time near the Villa or in any of the historical places, which is extraordinarily rich region of Tuscany. After cooking, where you’re doing day and night, you can relax in the warm pool or in the Jacuzzi.

Unlike many other travel options for singles, here you will easily meet other people. But to learn to cook you will have mixed groups of 14 people (all came from different countries and have different life experience). Week, during which you will comprehend the culture and lifestyle of Tuscany will be unforgettable. Learn to cook authentic Italian dishes in an informal, friendly atmosphere – what more can you ask for?

2. The spirit of adventure – Split (Croatia)

Путешествие «соло»: 5 идей для туристов-одиночек. Фото

For those who love adventure, a great option single offers Dalmatia – the coastal region of Croatia, where there is always something to do. Moving the minimum, you will be able to get the most interesting and varied experiences.

You can stay in a family hotel on the banks of the river Cetina. Here are just a few of the ideas of these adventures that await you here: Canoeing, mountain Biking, Hiking, canyoning, climbing and rafting.

To get a taste of real freedom, you can pitch a tent and sleep in it, cook dinner on the fire.

3. Learning a foreign language – Lyon (France)

Путешествие «соло»: 5 идей для туристов-одиночек. Фото

Want to combine a trip with learning a new language? It is possible! In the famous French city of Lyon, in the Rhone-Alpes it is possible to combine foreign language study with cooking classes with French chefs.

The program includes 15 French lessons of 45 minutes (Monday to Friday). You will receive all the necessary materials, books, and 2 classes in French cooking and fantastic journey for the food market of Lyon.

The program also provides frequent dinners at traditional French restaurants and other kinds of group activity thanks to which you will be able to become better acquainted with other single travelers of the group.

Simply put, this wonderful language school is situated in a beautiful mansion in the style of art Deco in the second largest city of France, will make you utter the phrase “C’est La vie!” not with a pessimistic tone, but with joy.

4. The magic story – Cairo (Egypt)

Путешествие «соло»: 5 идей для туристов-одиночек. Фото

Love history and architecture? Then this tour is for singles created just for you! It includes a visit to the Pyramids at Giza and a tour of the “guests” to the Sphinx. Then the night train will bring you to the South of Egypt, in the beautiful city of Aswan, the famous stone temple of Abu Simbel, whose age is estimated by historians in 3000 years. The building is dedicated to the Pharaoh Ramses II.

The next three days you will spend on an Egyptian Felucca boat. This is a traditional method of transportation on the Nile. Along the way, the boat makes stops, during which you can leisurely stroll around the Egyptian villages.

Then the path lies in ancient Thebes – “the city of a thousand gates”, where tourists are offered a ride on a donkey to the temple of Hatshepsut. You can visit the valley of the kings, made famous in 1922 after the discovery here of the tomb of Tutankhamun.

A great way to travel, during which you will have a lot to talk about with fellow travelers.

5. For those who are over 50 Barcelona (Spain)

Путешествие «соло»: 5 идей для туристов-одиночек. Фото

This measured, to the extent of contributing to the fellowship tour is specially designed for people over 50. Intensive Spanish language course is complemented by a tour of the beautiful city of Barcelona, in the afternoon and evening with a visit to the Sagrada Familia (optional), dinner and dancing in one of the city’s clubs. After dinner you can dance the whole night away or sit at a local bar.

Planned for the next day easy Cycling tour – wholesome entertainment and a great way to make contacts with your group. Of course, provided lunch, shopping and sightseeing the main attractions. Optionally, you can get a recommendation where to go for dinner.

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