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Trauma specialists told how to fall in the ice

Травматологи рассказали, как правильно падать в гололед  Ice is not only important to put on shoes and dress, but also choose the Hiking route.

Shoes is better to choose with grooved soles and a heel no higher than 3-4 cm Below the soles less slippery, you can stick her pieces of medical adhesive plaster or an emery paper. Sell special anti-slip attachments for shoes – ice. But not everyone to dare to leave the house in this “outfit”.

Choose loose clothing that does not hinder movement. Hands while walking is better not to keep in the pockets, and a bag to hang over the shoulder to carry in hand. If you cannot stay away from curbs and icy sections of road, try to move in small steps, as if gliding. Knees for stability it is better to slightly prosohnut. Stay away from the road so that in case of a fall does not slip under the wheels of the car.

Individual attention – the icy steps of the shops and the slippery coating on them. Not every store owner is thinking about the safety of customers, pasting anti-slip patch or spreading rubber mats. So when climbing or descending stairs hold on to the handrails not to fall, it is better to stand on each step with both feet, and not putting each foot on a separate step.

How to fall correctly to avoid injury

How neat you would not crash sometimes it does not work. Therefore, it is important to know what not to do in the fall. The biggest mistake is to fall forward, hands extended. Fractures of the arms, according to the statistics, 70% of winter injuries. So remember a few rules of correct falling:

– if you feel that you are falling, try to sit down. This will reduce the height of the drop. You can learn to squat at home, squats are also useful for the muscles of the thighs and buttocks;

– in the fall try to strain the muscles. They take the full brunt, but if the muscles are relaxed – then all the impact force of falls on the bone. Contusion of muscles or soft tissue are unpleasant, but not as serious as a fracture, especially open or with displacement of bone;

– to fall on his back and buttocks as hard as he is just as dangerous as the outstretched arms. One of the most serious winter injury is a hip fracture when falling on the buttocks. Particularly hard recovering from hip fracture the elderly. So if you fall it is important to regroup and try to fall down on his side, adopting a fetal position;

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– if you feel that you are falling back, try to pull his head deeper into the shoulders, press your chin to your chest, elbows close to the torso. Can cover the head with hands and feet to try to prosohnut knees.

You can learn to fall at home, having spread a mattress and turning such “lessons of the fall” in the game with children. Because kids too often fall and get hurt. Just be careful and don’t fall on the floor with full force: do the exercises slowly and gradually. Otherwise you run the risk of injury from the comfort of home.

First aid for injuries

If someone fell and was injured, it is first important to understand a serious injury or not. Bruise easily recognize each by swelling, pain and bruising (hematoma) at the injury site. When stretching or dislocation in addition to pain and bruising, there may be limited movement. Do not try to independently reduce a dislocated joint or massage a place of stretching. If you suspect a sprain, you cannot rely on the injured limb, apply the ointment or hot compress. You need to call an ambulance and to release the damaged area, removing shoes when needed.

Fracture or suspected fracture also immediately call the emergency medical help. It is necessary to splint above and below fracture for fixing the damaged area. If it’s really cold, then the victim needs to take in a warm place, or he’ll get hypothermia or frostbite waiting for the ambulance. In case of serious injury, the victim can be transported on a sheet of cardboard or plywood. Remember that at the spinal column of a person not to sit, shake, etc., and need to put on a flat surface.

Tips of trauma

From falls on the slippery road no one is immune, but according to Soviet experts, everyone has the strength to protect themselves from serious injury. For this you need to follow several rules, said the surgeon Valentine Brown.

In icy conditions it is important to go slowly, stomping once on the sole and slightly bent feet in knees. This gait reduces the risks of falling and injury.

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If you feel that you can not avoid falling, at least in your power to do a “pirouette” less dangerous.

Rescuers, in turn, suggest: if you feel that you fall, immediately sit down to reduce the height and touching the ground, roll over it’s necessary to side to reduce load.

Walking down the street, don’t wear headphones, talk on the phone – it is important to keep the maximum concentration to catch the moment in which you can fall. Once you realize that you’re losing balance, try to reduce the maximum degree of potential injury. Immediately bend his knees, press his chin to his chest.

Try to fall sideways to reduce the pain and roll over it’s necessary for the back.

Try to avoid drops on elbows or straight arms – of course, this is not always possible, but the doctors and specialists of rescue services claim that in most cases we can prevent serious injury. Even more dangerous to fall on your back, but if that does not work – try to press the chin to the chest and the shoulders and the elbows point forward.

“Many people are embarrassed to fall and feel uncomfortable, then a long delay before you see the doctor, even if the pain becomes unbearable. It is important to remember that this can happen with everyone, the most dangerous thing in this situation is procrastination. Because at the first signs of traumatic injuries, pain in bones, joints or muscles, dizziness, nausea and other disturbing symptoms – immediately go to the doctor,” said Brown.

Surgeons say that one of the most difficult, and, alas, frequent fractures in the ice – ray-carpal. All because conceived by inertia we fall on the palm with outstretched hand. Heal this injury for a long time, and after that often hand stops normally bend. Because falling, you should try to keep from having to pull out the palm, and if you fall on your back, hide the elbow (a fracture is no less dangerous and difficult). Try to fall sideways or on the forearm maximally grouped and straining muscles.

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