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Transformed Olesya Malibu interceded for the victim of violence Diana Shurygina


Recently, the heroine of the show “Let them talk” on channel one was again 17-year-old Diana Shurygina. Earlier the girl was accused of raping a 21-year-old Sergei Semenov, who is now serving time in a penal colony. This time the young man told his version of the incident. Sergey did not consider himself guilty and says that she herself initiated the sex.

Even after the first episode, which aired January 31, Diana was attacked. Many believe that Sergei was a victim of calculating Shurygino, and gave her persecution. On the side of the girls stood Olesya Malibu, which has recently changed beyond recognition.


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“I looked all editions of “Let them talk” with Diana Shurygina. Who are not “drunk drunk-ass drunk” in the 15-16 years? I was drinking at that age, but friends from my neighborhood and sometimes behaved inappropriately. As if Diana herself was, that Semenov had no right e**** it. Most of all I was outraged that these guys are just like animals did, thought they were playboys and they all want? Decided to chance to get it in, and where the free cheese is? Right, where these guys are in jail. The moral of the story is: there are no freebies, not podmazhesh — you will not get a free lunch does not exist! So in the Cam or look at the hos 500 rubles, on its own level, users you my casiraya the Diana,” wrote Olesya in Instagram (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

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Diana Shurygina

Recall, Olesya Malibu (Kozhevnikova) became famous a few years ago with its shocking image of the blonde with huge Breasts and plump lips. Olesya was the heroine of many television projects: “the House-2”, “let’s get married!” and others. The exterior of the Malibu many times criticized. The blonde was called the victim of the plastics and try to regain a natural look.


Olesya now looks like a completely different person: she changed her hair, got rid of the tasteless outfits, ridiculous makeup, and most importantly — reduced lips. Olesya involved in the project of TV channel “Friday”, “Integrity”.

Олеся Малибу поменяла имидж

Так выглядела девушка несколько лет назад

Олеся изменила цвет волос, избавилась от безвкусных нарядов, нелепого макияжа, а главное – уменьшила губы

Олеся Малибу

Олеся заявила, что пластические операции не помогли ей найти настоящую любовь

Малибу была замужем, к сожалению, брак продлился недолго

Олеся Малибу

Олеся Малибу Фото: instagram.com/olesya_malibu_tv

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