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Trailer horror Dogged horror under the mask

The winner of the indie festival Glasgow Horror Festival, horror film Richard Rowntree “Dogged” is based on the eponymous short film. This folk-horror in the vein of “the Wicker man”, made for pennies, but with the soul – at least, how to assure peeking his audience.

Among the actors, producers and other filmmakers of the famous faces was observed, but at various film festivals “Stubborn” (Oh, the fashion for adjectives in the titulnik!) grabbed the prizes for the “best actor” and “best production”. The plot tells us about how

Sam returns to the island, where he spent his childhood to attend the funeral. He soon learns that the isolated community on the island holds dark secrets related to the recent murder of a girl and soon the hero is already waiting for a game of hide and seek with maniacs in masks, who want at all costs to conceal the secrets of their community.

To a wide audience the film will get in April-June 2018.

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