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Trailer for the animated “Zombienora”

We are talking about the film adaptation of the eponymous comic book owned by Peru the French writer and artist Artura De Pinsa. And the Creator of the original, while also serving as one of the Directors and the authors of the script of the film. His partner on both counts was Alexis Ducard.

“Zombilation” (Zombillenium) is preparing for the first time to appear before the audience in the Kansk festival. And it will happen tomorrow. And then he was waiting on another major event — the film will be to open international animated film festival in Annecy, which will be held from 12 to 17 June. Well, then, perhaps, international rental comes up.

De pins promises a cute, funny and sweet story, flirting with the genre of horror.

Zambaleneo is a theme Park of horrors, dedicated to Halloween. But it is also the only place on earth where real monsters can hide from people by pretending to be an undercover entertainment Park. When an ordinary man named Hector learns this secret, the Manager is forced to hire him. That is the only Hector is not very good. To see his daughter, he will have to escape from his new colleagues werewolves and zombies.

Role in the cartoon was voiced by Emmanuelle Curtil, Allen Shock, Philly Keith, Gilbert levy and other actors.

Will wait to see how “Zombilation” critics in Cannes, well, watch the trailer for the film.

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