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Trade fears wholesale and retail

Торговля страхами оптом и в розницу

What’s going on? It is a revision and audit of formal and informal Russian groups that provide at least a small influence on the politics and Economics of a number of States.

The process launched in the USA in the middle of last year gave the first “fruits”. From Russian money shy even very greedy people. Potential points to a “quiet” investments still remained: Africa, Gulf countries, South East Asia, Latin America (with reservations).

The automatic exchange of tax information, which should be launched in the new year, together with the sanctions regime put a significant number of Russian “partially associated with power” businessmen faced with a difficult choice: to flee from Russia and then lose everything because of non-compliance with formal Patriotic circuit, or to lose everything due to objective restrictions, and acquisitions of Russian market of state players, and then try to leave Russia.

Complex and dramatic episode in the history of Russia — trade fears wholesale and retail.

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