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Tractor has set a world speed record. Video

Трактор установил мировой рекорд скорости. Видео Driving the vehicle was the pilot of Top Gear.

It turns out that in the Guinness Book of records can be accessed, showing the maximum possible speed on a wheeled tractor. The record was set “unknown” pilot Stig, who acts in the popular TV show Top Gear always in a racing helmet and not showing his face.

Seemingly small wheeled tractor, which in this case was similar to a dragster, managed to show the maximum speed 140,44 km/h to be precise, it is the average, which is calculated from the results of the two races, where the tractor showed 147,93 km/h and 132,97 km/h.

The tractor, which was in the Guinness Book of world records, was brought to mind by a team of techies from Top Gear. The car was equipped with the 5.7-liter “eight” from Chevrolet, an outstanding 507 HP Appeared adjustable air suspension and more powerful brakes.

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