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Traces of battles shark with a flying dinosaur

Найдены следы сражения акулы с летающим динозавромMore than 80 million years ago, fish has defeated the lizard.

Fossil evidence reveals a scene of ancient battle between the shark and cretoxyrhina flying reptile, called the Pteranodon.

More than 80 million years ago, fish has defeated the lizard.

Scientists from the United States in late December, shared a story about a curious fossil: the parts of the skeleton of the late Cretaceous Pteranodon with a shark tooth with a length of almost 1 inch (24 mm) in the cervical vertebrae. Perhaps the Pteranodon, which flew over the sea, was the victim of a shark attack.

Of course, researchers wrote that the history may be a little more mundane. Perhaps the shark just found a floating corpse of a Pteranodon. In any case, such a fossil is a rare record of the collision of the sea and sky in the time of dinosaurs.

“We have direct evidence that the shark big size ate a piece of large flying reptiles, more than 80 million years ago. It’s pretty cool,” said study co-author Michael Habib, a paleontologist at the school of medicine Keck University of southern California.

The tooth belonged to a shark species called Cretoxyrhina mantelli, which is now extinct. Sharks of this species could grow up to 7 meters, but based on the size of the tooth, Habib and his colleagues estimate that the fish that bit the Pteranodon was about 2.5 m in length.

According to the authors of the work, Pteranodon were able to land on water and take off with her. At the same time, according to experts, on the surface of the water, they were quite clumsy, and takeoff took a lot of time. That is, lizards flew slowly enough that the shark could catch this prey, but the fish itself had to be very fast. By the way, modern sharks also sometimes possible to catch the birds that sit on the water.

A fossil with an embedded tooth on display at the Museum of natural history of the County of Los Angeles, but she was found in Kansas. The species of Pteranodon about this discovery is unknown, but most likely, he lived from 86 to 83 million years ago. It was a large animal with a wingspan of about 5 meters in diameter.

“The study of the behavior of these animals is important for understanding life on Earth for a long time: for example, we now know that sharks hunted animals 80 million years ago,” said Michael Habib.

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