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Toyota presented a concept with night “vision”

Toyota представила концепт с ночным "зрением" Toyota introduced the “adventure” concept with night “vision”

At the motor show in Los Angeles brought the Toyota concept SUV FT-AC for off-road forays, which is constantly filming everything on camera and is able to “see” in the dark.

Four-wheel drive off-road trip Adventure Toyota Future Toyota Concept (FT-AC) can remove the camera circular review as photos and videos, all of which can “stream” or pour in a cloud.

In addition, the concept is removable infrared night vision camera that you can remove and take with you on night hikes. Fog is also removable you can take with you, like a flashlight. But standing on the roof led lights can be used as a flash for photographing in the dark. For bicycles rear provides a hinged fastener.

The body is covered with a protective lining, and high ground clearance provide not only a suspension, and 20-inch tires. Drive full — function vector of the distribution of traction at the wheels with the ability to simulate locks.

About power plant concept is not reported, but Toyota says that it can be as a gasoline engine, and the hybrid scheme.

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