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Toy Godzilla and his opponents (PHOTO)

If you (like me) did not have the official promotional materials of the movie “Godzilla 2: king of the monsters” (“Godzilla: King of Monsters”) in order to admire the famous Japanese lizard and his enemies Rodan, mothra and king Gidora — the memory knows how to make you happy.

Toy master of several large companies, among which are often traded to the horror NECA, has produced models of monsters, which will be an additional advertisement for the sequel. Today we will consider those the responsibility of the company Jakks. Here are all of the four beasts, and the King himself got an enviable exclusive option — 60-inch figurine. Well, once again marvel at the design of his enemies is also interesting. A particularly ardent fans are invited to visit the premiere in the cinema, wearing a mask of Godzilla, which when the mouth is open makes its legendary growl.

“Godzilla 2” was filmed by Michael Dougherty, the Director of the excellent horror anthology “trick or treat”. The story tells us about the following:

This time against the mighty Godzilla are mothra, Rodan and the ultimate kaiju — a three-headed monster king Gidora. When these ancient superchinese, eventually turned into a half-forgotten myths, rise again to meet in battle, the remains of humanity to step aside and try not to die.

On the set of gathered an impressive cast roles were played by Millie Bobby brown (“Very strange things”), Kyle Chandler (“king Kong”), Vera Farmiga (the Conjuring), Ken Watanabe (“Inception”), Charles Dance (“Alien 3”) and Sally Hawkins (“water”).

Russian cinema will meet Japanese monsters may 30, 2019.

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