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Tourists have named one of the best countries for families with children

Туристы назвали одну из лучших стран для отдыха с детьмиThe main advantages of a holiday in Cyprus with the young tourists.

Cyprus — long swimming season, the biggest water Park in Europe, and on the beaches, the sand like flour, writes the Chronicle.Info with reference for Today.

Where will be comfortable with the child and when to go on a family vacation — these and other questions, we will each month to answer in our new material.

Our experts:

Elena Belsky, the Director of the office of the “Mouzenidis travel” in Cyprus

Vladimir Dzherdzh, head of development of tourism of Cyprus, the company TEZ TOUR in Ukraine

Daria Didukh, consultant for vacation and rental housing in Cyprus (project apartik), Facebook blogger

Alexander Matveev,the author resource for parents TravelMama

Cyprus is a country located in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean sea. This island is known as the birthplace of Aphrodite: it is here, according to ancient legend, from the sea foam and was born the goddess of love. Thanks to the romantic aura and beautiful marine landscapes in Cyprus rush the couple to arrange a wedding photo shoot. But there is another group that will like the local holiday — the families with children. And there are a few reasons.

“If you do not feature a biometric passport and the usual overseas — free electronic a Pro-visa you can apply for in a few days. Also, you can fly here in just 3 hours. It is an Orthodox country, where 340 days of sunshine a year. This is a safe, high level of service, rich history, lots of fun and festivals in the season and, of course, beautiful beaches”, — Vladimir lists Dzherdzh.

Moreover, these beaches are not only beautiful:

“From 59 beaches of Cyprus — the winners of the award “the Blue flag of the EU”, — says Elena Belsky. — It is awarded to the most clean and safe beaches with a perfect infrastructure for travelers. In addition, there is the longest swimming season in Europe: equally comfortable to enter the warm water of the Mediterranean sea in Cyprus in April and November. Another reason to come here on vacation with family — the whole of Cyprus is very friendly to the children that the hotels have children’s pools, and some are mini-clubs for children, the resorts have water parks, zoos, and amusement parks. And everywhere the little travelers will be pleased: Cypriots do not miss the chance to let your kid a compliment or enjoy its fruit.”

The best months to travel to Cyprus with children, Daria Didukh calls April, may, June, second half September, October and November.

“In July it is very hot, and August is the busy month, when the beaches are always Packed — says the expert. — The price is unreasonably high, as not only tourists but also local capital, where there is no beach. Since September there is a price drop and a small flow of tourists, but the weather is still hot, the sea is warmed up to 29 degrees. A couple of degrees colder it gets in October. In November the water temperature is a comfortable 23-24 degrees, the air, 25-28 °C. the Cypriots do not consider this a month of the season, and the cost of housing dramatically decreases: it can be rented 3 times cheaper than in August. For example, you can rent a house with a pool for 80 euros per night, and the apartment is 25”.

Alexander Matveev, which this year had a rest in Cyprus in the first half of April, called the perfect time to travel may-June and September-October.

“Still, in April the sea are still quite cool — only 19-20 °C, in the bays — 21-22 °C,” explains the expert.

Where you can relax with the kids?

Not all beaches in Cyprus are perfect for a family holiday.

“Some have a rocky bottom, — says Daria Didukh. — Most of them are located in Paphos and Limassol. For those who like light sand, may not like the beaches of Larnaca and Limassol — and for those who love long coastlines, they fit perfectly. Although the quality of water and sand is worse than in Protaras and Ayia NAPA is a large town with ports and at sea there are platforms for extracting gas and oil. Therefore, choose beaches that are located outside cities. In the same Larnaca’s Dhekelia, Geroskipou, Paphos — coral Bay. But if you have the opportunity to relax in Protaras and Ayia NAPA and the surrounding area, then go there. However, in Ayia NAPA is better not to go in August: at this time, the resort fully lives up to its title of the Ibiza of Cyprus”.

Elena Belsky also recommends that families with children in the district of Ayia NAPA. Here she has two kids-friendly beach of Limanaki and Makronisos, Limassol Dasoudi, in Protaras — Fig tree Bay. By the way, Protaras Alexander Matveev advises to pay attention to mothers travelling with wheelchairs, without dads and cars:

“There’s a full-fledged supermarkets (whereas in Ayia NAPA they are not), and the distances between the beaches are small. Easy to move around with a stroller: there are exits and entrances to the beaches.”

Vladimir Dzherdzh for families with children allocates resorts such as Larnaca (lots of budget apartments and hotels, a gently sloping entrance to the sea, close to airport and, therefore, short in time transfer), Ayia NAPA (beautiful beaches, Water World, amusement Park) and Protaras (the quiet resort, small, light sand, gently sloping, any hotel within walking distance from the sea, the aquarium and the show “Singing fountains”.

Leisure activities: safaris donkeys and festivals

Daria Didukh, which for many years lived on Cyprus, told, than you will entertain on the island of your little travelers:

“Outside Ayia NAPA is the biggest themed Waterpark in Europe, Water World. Also children love the pleasure boats that ply along the coast and offer animation programs. For example, a trip on a pirate ship “Black Pearl” is a 5 — hour journey with the pirates, disguises, games, quests and swimming in blue lagoons. At all resorts for kids also has amusement parks and rides. In Ayia NAPA this year have established a large roller coaster with a noose for those who love extreme sports. But for the whole family fit huge Ferris wheel and a large area with trampolines, where children play and parents relax at the tables.

In Paphos there is a wonderful zoo, and close to Larnaca, the camel Park. In the surrounding area of Protaras is a small aquarium with a mini-zoo and in the mountains, Platres is a great adventure Park with spectacular views and crystal clean air. Yeshe in Protaras is a show of singing fountains. It uses laser light technology show fire show with the eruption of the volcano. Before beginning the program, all guests enjoy dinner at the “buffet”.

National Park “Cavo Greco” (between Protaras and Ayia NAPA), with pines and eucalyptus, you can enjoy horseback riding, and mountain villages to take part in the manufacture of Cypriot sweets sujiko, all sorts of jams, donuts, loukoumades, or to observe the process of cheese making, visit a bee farm.

Cyprus is holding a series of events that will interest children. For example, a film festival in Protaras will be held from 27 July to 7 August: in the framework of a summer cinema can be totally free to watch movies and cartoons. You can also organise flower festivals (Limassol, may), strawberries (the village of Deryneia, end of may), melons (village Frenaros, mid-July), tennis tournaments, volleyball tournaments, car racing.

The whole family will be interested to participate in the culinary festival in Protaras Tastes of The World in September, where guests will be presented cuisine of the world (all tastings free). For the fourth year I am initiating the Ukrainian representative at the festival: Ukrainian women in the region on a voluntary basis prepare the most delicious dishes of Ukrainian cuisine and hand them to guests for 4 hours. So, even while living in Cyprus, we do not forget to promote our culture.”

Elena Belsky also recommends to visit with kids Safari on donkeys. (and the farm), ostrich farm and Park “, Fissure” located in an orange grove. From all the island resorts here organize trips.

Family note

Cyprus other holiday concept than, for example, in Turkey. Here, most hotels have no large areas — means that campers will be learning about the lives and culture of the island outside the hotel. “The beaches here are public, they can rent sun loungers and umbrellas for 2.5 euros. Incidentally, the latter is very useful, as on most beaches there is no natural shade,” — says Alexander Matveyev.

GETTING AROUND THE ISLAND. Cyprus left-hand drive right-hand drive traffic. To experienced drivers have seen those for whom it is unusual, in a rented car — the red room (they have a local yellow). You can rent a car for 25-35 euros a day. On the island there is good public transport, even at night. “So, Ayia NAPA from Protaras serviced by public transport until 4am on a circular route: Paralimni — Ayia NAPA — Protaras. The fare is 1.5 Euro per person (22:00), to 2.5 euros per person (from 22:00 to 4:00)”, — cites the example of Vladimir Dzherdzh.

FOOD. Food prices are high. “A kilo of beef costs 7-15 euros, tomatoes, cucumbers — from 3 euros. But in the shops there are discounts. On them, for example, you can buy a kilo of chicken for 3.5 Euro, shrimp — for 12 euros,” — says Alexander Matveev. No problem, you can find baby food known brands. In the restaurants, try the meze — meat or fish. This assortment of various snacks. Fish will cost 20 euros for two.

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