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Tourists have called the most interesting sights in Baku

Туристам назвали самые интересные места в БакуWhat are the places you must visit.

Best local location for photos – the upper plot of the upland Park, where the city reveals itself in all its glory, says the Council head of the Association of retailers of Ukraine Kseniya Prikhodko, who visited Baku.

Baku – the windy city, honey is a sweet and hot temperament. Its people with warmth and respect to the guests: always prompt and hold to the desired location on the road will give a lot of advice, ask what their city is like, and at the same time learn how to visit.

To get around Baku is better by taxi – easy, fast and inexpensive. Although if you are a tourist – but any taxi driver will understand immediately, the cost of your trip is likely to be overstated. So be careful and discuss the price directly.

His acquaintance with Baku start from the Old city: Breakfast at the restaurant Grill – order your fried eggs with tomatoes and kutaby (thin pancakes with greens and meat, topped with fragrant barberry), tea with thyme, pour in armud – beautiful crystal glasses are pear shaped. Yeah, and the coffee here is better to forget: in Baku and drink tea and only tea are long and pleasant conversations. You’ll often see in cafes or restaurants large company of men who leisurely chat over tea and perhaps a Shisha.

When, after Breakfast you will go for a walk in the quarters of the Old city, then make sure you pay attention to his cleanliness and grooming. Baku residents are proud of this area, right here on the streets-labyrinths walked by their ancestors.

Pay attention to the Maiden tower, which is associated with at least two legends in them you certainly will tell you in details the locals – and at the same time go to the little workshop of the artist Ali Shamsi. You will be impressed with the riot of colors on his canvases, pomegranate ornaments and the most important – by the charismatic master, who will tell the story of the creation of their work, leave a beautiful autograph on the card and even tell you your fate.

In the Old Baku can’t ignore the very street where there was a famous drop Seeds Gorbunkov, played by Yuri Nikulin in the film the diamond arm. Many tourists have photographed while repeating cinematic phrase: “Damn it!”.

And after that, go to the cultural center named after Heydar Aliyev, the cosmic creation of the great architect Zaha Hadid. This place is easy to lose sense of time. Huge white building with smooth curves, intricate installations, here you can just sit down on the grass and enjoy spectacular views of the city. The cultural center includes a Congress center, Museum, exhibition rooms and administrative offices. There are constantly exhibitions and presentations of famous artists, designers and sculptors.

Then go to the seaside Boulevard, its length is 25 km away. This is the place to stroll, morning or evening runs. Along the Boulevard there are several beautiful attractions in little Venice – walking system of channels in the environment of the Park. They are perfect photos.

Another win-win location for pictures – top site highland Park: it offers stunning views of the city, including the long beach promenade, lapped by the waves of the Caspian sea, as well as the very route on which every year the Formula 1 cars.

And for shopping and evening adventure you need to go down the street Shopping – it is called Nizami. Here are concentrated the restaurants and shops. Nice, festive lighted garlands, becomes noisy and close from the flow of residents and tourists.

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