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Tourists can dive to the sunken “Titanic”

Туристы смогут погрузиться к затонувшему "Титанику"The expedition will start next year.

Tourists will be able to become participants of the research mission to the sunken “Titanic”, which starts in the summer of 2019.

“In 2019 will start the expedition The Titanic Survey, participation in which offer to accept “ordinary” tourists. Through six 11-day research mission travelers will be able to sink to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean and see with your own eyes sank in April 1912, “Titanic.” Participate in an exclusive adventure will cost 105 thousand 129$, which is equivalent to the cost of a first class ticket on the first and last flight of the ship. The tour starts from the canadian city of St. John’s”, – says the publication.

In each mission tourists are allotted nine seats. Paid a considerable sum will play the role of “expert of the expedition.” The expedition’s experts will live and work alongside the team and will be joined by at least one dive on the submarine called “Titan”.

The length of the underwater part of the mission will be about seven hours. Tourists will also teach laser scanning, navigation, communication, camera manipulation and data logging.

The Titanic collided with an iceberg 14 April 1912 and sank two hours and 40 minutes, killing 1 503 people. At the moment the hull of a sunken ship was rapidly deteriorating. The expedition aims to collect data to create a three-dimensional virtual model of the Titanic with high resolution that will enable researchers to accurately assess the condition of the ship and to preserve the memory of the Titanic for future generations.

It is noted that those wishing to join the academic activities must be more than 18 years. Other requirements include the ability to sit on a small boat in a stormy sea, the flexibility and mobility, willingness to change the schedule of the expedition. In addition, tourists must undergo a mandatory one day course for the landing of the helicopter. First mission starts at the end of June 2019.

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