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Tourists banned from swimming in the popular Spanish lakes

Туристам запретили купание в популярных испанских озерахThe fine will amount to 600 euros.

Fans to take a mud bath in the salt lakes of La Mata and Torrevieja on the Spanish Costa Blanca lurks a penalty, the value of which will amount to 600 euros.

They say that it’s dangerous.

Private security will regularly patrol the shores of the remarkable lakes, in order to prevent violations of the rules. The reason is that in lakes is a technique for the extraction of salt, which can cause injury or even lead to the death of tourists wanting to swim. Travel companies who conduct tours to La Mata and Torrevieja, has already warned that organized trips to the lakes are prohibited.

“A ban on swimming in the salt lakes will operate all summer. And if someone thinks that before the swim was possible, it is not true”, – quotes Express the head of the organization for the protection of the environment Antoni Marzo. Note, the salt lakes of La Mata and Torrevieja is very popular among tourists, since mud bath, according to established understanding, contribute to the overall improvement of health and treatment of skin diseases and even arthritis.

But the management of the protected areas concerned that the growing number of tourists in the aquatic environment may cause harm to the nature and diversity of the animal world. So now we have not exactly say, what and who are more worried are those who set a ban on swimming.

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