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Tourist note: in Thailand the rainy season

Туристам на заметку: в Таиланде начался сезон дождейTourists are asked to be careful.

The national meteorological Department of Thailand has issued an official statement about the beginning of the annual rainy season. It is reported that the season started on 26 may with the arrival of continuous heavy rains that struck the Kingdom, due to the moist South-West winds in the Andaman sea and the winds from the East.

According to the head of the Department Vinca Schudoma, heavy rains may continue in the South-Eastern coast of Thailand until December. But, most likely, due to the change of the monsoon rains stop in late October. However, he added that bad weather can overwhelm many southern provinces, including Phuket. However, meteorologists warn of the dangers of surfing in this period on the West coast of Phuket. Here the monsoons lead to the formation of strong surfs that are often fatal to those who find themselves in the water.

Thai weather forecasters predict this year one or two strong tropical storms. The main strike will be the Northern and North-Eastern parts of the country. The peak of bad weather may be on the period from mid-August to late September. Such storms can cause flooding. According to meteorologists, in 2018 is expected to average rainfall, below average by 5-10%.

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