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Tourist assistance: where to go in Morocco. Photo

Туристу в помощь: куда стоит поехать в Марокко. ФотоThis country has something to offer tourists.

In the world there is one country where a centuries-old tradition balanced with modernity, where the Arab culture is vividly expressed in every building where the scents of spices and traditional foods just hovering in the air, where the local population cannot be carried out without your favorite things – needlework. We are talking about Morocco.

Morocco or, as they call themselves travellers, the country is unprecedented contrasts – a place that must appear in the route list avid hiker. This region offers travellers a huge variety of cultural, historical and architectural monuments, which are able to surprise, to pacify, to cause both a delight and a little fear.


Туристу в помощь: куда стоит поехать в Марокко. Фото

The village is better known by the names “city of heavenly color” or “blue city”. Why is it so called? Most of the buildings that are in this city are painted blue. Here you can find a whole color palette of blue shades, ranging from pale blue tones and ending with azure-blue. Blue is the color for painting the walls of the buildings were used not just. In the past, Chefchaouen has become a safe haven for Muslim and Jewish people who were expelled from Spain. The settlers painted the walls of the houses in blue color, as this shade associate it with the sky and reminds you of God.

Chefchaouen is famous worldwide and is considered one of the mandatory objects for tourists. The city will surprise not only with its originality and tradition, but and enjoy a variety of goods made by craftsmen.


Туристу в помощь: куда стоит поехать в Марокко. Фото

Having been in this strange Eastern city, you will be able to know the time, which is able to stop. Despite the constant movement and activity, giving the impression that everything slows down. The city is the second name – East Versailles. Due to the presence of many mosques, beautiful palaces and gardens of unsurpassed beauty of Meknes is a World heritage site by UNESCO.

The city is divided into two parts – Old and New. Along the 40-kilometer fortress wall that separates the old part of Meknes, located magnificent gardens, where many years ago walked the representatives of the ruling dynasties. Deserves special attention the Central area El Hedim, which at dusk turns into a kind of arena for performances by local talents.


Туристу в помощь: куда стоит поехать в Марокко. Фото

Large Moroccan port city that attracts the attention of millions of tourists, because here are the most beautiful beaches. Tangier at the same time is washed by the waters of the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean.

Tourists are attracted by the similarity with European modernity. However, lovers of the long history of Arab traditions also will find the lessons in this port village. That alone is worth the viewing platform in the Kasbah, from which to watch the Strait of Gibraltar. High interest to the fortress of the 18th century Kasbah. The old part of the city is rich in palaces and temples made in typical Arabic style. Be sure to visit the Grand Bazaar, because here you can become the happy owner of the world-famous woven handmade carpets.

AIT Benhaddou

Туристу в помощь: куда стоит поехать в Марокко. Фото

Unique structure analogues could not be found in the world. The fortress and its defenses are made of clay. Particularly impressive the place looks at sunrise and sunset when the sun gives clay the color of a reddish shade and gives the impression that the walls of the fortress dancing flames.

Morocco is a country that allows travelers to experience the grandeur and beauty of the mysterious East.

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