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“Totally inadequate”: Kiev harshly criticized Uber

"Полный неадекват": киевлянин жестко раскритиковал сервис UberThe man accused drivers online taxi service incompetence.

From Kiev because of the incompetence of the drivers of online taxi service Uber overcame the distance of 10 kilometers an hour, during which changed four cars.

About this on his page in the social network Facebook was written by the victim, the founder of AIN Arthur Orudjaliyev.

He noted that it was necessary to leave the city. Usually the road to the destination takes no more than 15 minutes. But things didn’t work out as planned.

The first driver could not deal with the Navigator, and then said that Uber doesn’t carry outside the city.

“Comes driver. Sit down. Five minutes of rummaging in the Navigator. Then claims that Uber does not go. Although it is along this route I came 2:00 back. Get out of the car at a loss. And … I removed 25 UAH for the trip, which was not, ” wrote Orudjaliyev.

The next driver, except that I didn’t know where to go, even rude.

“Waiting 10 minutes on the street. The machine comes. Go. Asks where it is. I say” Vita-Poshtova “. Go. After a couple of minutes” Postal area? “. Politely explain to the driver if he does not know the routes, then he has a Navigator that will show. After a minute start of the expression, the passengers in the Nile, Uber x ** new, what the hell do I call Uber and the quote that Uber is “like Windows, and it works for another firm” . Totally inadequate and ham. Go out among the trips to the track. took 70 UAH “, – wrote Orudjaliyev.

The next car man was waiting for 5 minutes. When the transport arrived the driver said that you have to pay 10 UAH per km with cache.

“I go out. Again takes 25 UAH for the trip, which was not”, – he wrote.

And only the fourth attempt to leave the city was a success.

“The machine comes. Go without words. Finally rejoice. Belts no, but I say nothing. Night – drive. Rides. Says” something cheap.” I told him that 80 UAH for 9 km is not very cheap, but fine. But here again I was lucky to come say goodbye, ” wrote Orudjaliyev.

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