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Total global spending on space in 2018 exceeded $70 billion

Совокупные мировые расходы на космос в 2018 году превысили $70 млрд


Совокупные мировые расходы на космос в 2018 году превысили $70 млрд

According to the report of the research company Euroconsult on government space programs in 2018, the costs of all States in space activities was $70,9 billion Investment in the space program growing at an average of 5.75% annually after 2015 has reached at least $62,5 billion.

Record 2015 linked to two factors: the decline in American military spending and a sharp reduction in the budget of Roscosmos. In dollar terms, it fell by 60%, in rouble terms up 22% compared to 2013.

Of $70,9 billion spent on space activities in the past year, 63% are civilian and scientific programs. All in all they spent $44.5 billion of Civil expenses – including scientific research, development technology, and manned flights – was the driving force behind growth in recent years. Expenses were increased in the United States, Asia (China) and the Middle East, and Africa (through investment UAE).

Total expenditures on the space program in 2018 in the United States totaled $40.9 billion is 58% of the world’s spending. In the early 2000s, the US share was 75%. China’s expenditure on space, according to experts, about $5.8 billion Space expenses are estimated at $4.2 billion, This figure can include inaccurate estimation of military expenditures, public information which is missing. In June of this year, Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said that in 2019, the state Corporation Roscosmos will have about 256 billion rubles (about $4 billion). In this case, the Roscosmos budget increased in comparison with 2018.

Total world defense space budget in 2018 amounted to $25.4 billion, $19 billion comes from the United States. However, over the last 10 years, the U.S. share of world expenditure on military space decreased from 81% to 72%. This was largely due to the revitalization of China. The largest share of the military budget in space – Russia, it is 47%. Immediately followed by the US with 46%. Then China (37%), United Kingdom (35%), Japan (34%), France (20%). Compared to 2017, spending on military space increased by 8.3%.

In 2018 was launched 138 satellites weighing more than 50 kg. Of these, 58 have been launched from China, 22 from the USA and 17 from Russia. Of the 79 running civilian spacecraft 42 is designed for Earth remote sensing, 15 – telecommunications satellites.

Analysts expect that spending on the space program will continue to grow in the near future and reach $84.6 billion in 2025. The main driving force of growth will be defense spending, while the funding of “civil space” to grow at a moderate pace.

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