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Topic: doping. What is not Russia, it is possible others?

Тема: допинг. Что нельзя России, то можно другим?

First, a little history. 9 Dec for sports of Russia is largely fateful day. It Monday in Lausanne (although it was initially planned in Paris) there will be a meeting of the Executive Committee of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA), which will decide the question of sanctions against the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA).

Recall that a special Committee of the WADA recommended to suspend Russia four years from the biggest tournaments in all sports, including the Olympic games and world Championships. The main reason for serious sanctions is called manipulation of the database from the Moscow laboratory.

But no one wants to deal with the fact that this database is called the LIMS (LIMS, Laboratory Information Management System — approx. Aify) was initially a proprietary laboratory staff under the leadership of the Gregory Rodchenkov. It is the brainchild of his hands. And it was created for the sole purpose of a possible distortion of doping tests and further blackmail the athletes and their leaders.

The main thing in this question — the possibility to externally control the system and make any changes. It became known only after fleeing the country “whistle-blowers” and the investigation from the Russian side. Rodchenkov escaped from Russia in 2015, and base gave WADA only in 2016. That is about a year, he could make any changes to the data. WADA is well-informed about these facts, but does not want to notice them.


In this regard, you should pay attention to the reaction of WADA and the world’s media to the problems of doping in athletes from other countries. If Russia for any violations immediately disqualifiziert athletes and take the opportunity to speak under its flag and anthem, violations of the athletes from other countries just ignored, or the fewest penalties. Aify recalls similar cases in the past three years.

Therese Johaug (biathlon) — lip cream

Olympic champion in Vancouver 2010 the Norwegian athlete Therese Johaug was caught for doping in 2016, when one of the samples found anabolic steroid clostebol prohibited by WADA. She said that the substance got into the body through the lip cream. For this she was given 13 months of Ineligibility, although the Doping Committee of the International ski Federation insisted on a term of 20 months. All the local media and the public showed sympathy for the athlete, who returned after serving a suspension and won another three gold medals of the world championship.

You may recall that at about the same time, the Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova she called a press conference and admitted the use of Meldonium, which was contained in the Mildronate used it for therapeutic purposes. Sharapova was disqualified for two years (later reduced to 15 months), but it was condemned by virtually the entire world.

Gil Roberts (running), Shawn Barber (pole vault) — kisses

American athlete, the Olympic champion in run on 400 m Gil Roberts and the canadian pole vaulter Shawn Barber was acquitted after application of probenecid (banned WADA) and cocaine, respectively. Both athletes explained the ingestion of banned substances through kisses from loved ones. The incidents occurred in 2016 and 2017. The disqualification of the athletes was not followed.

Darion Lawson (long jump), Angie Wilson (running) — meat

In June 2017года two athlete — of Garion Lawson(silver medalist of the world championship in long jump) and Angie Wilson was justified, despite the presence of steroids in the body. Both referred to the meat that is eaten. The amount of the drug was negligible, but Wilson still deprived of the world record in the 800 meters, but was not disqualified.

Madison Cox (swimming) — water

In February of last year the doping test of the American swimmer Madison Cox gave a positive result for the presence of a prohibited drug Trimetazidine. At first she could not give clear explanations about the substance in the body, after which it was disqualified for two years. But soon her face suggested — the doping was using tap water. The period of Ineligibility was reduced to six months.

Asbel Kiprop (running) — bribery of doping officers

Kenyan runner, world champion and Olympic Games Asbel Kiprop was suspended for 4 years for fraud with doping samples. It turned out that he has paid the doping officers for the warning about the visit and were able to avoid scrutiny.

In 2016, the WADA announced that the anti-doping Agency of Kenya is not consistent with the code, because in three years, more than 40 athletes were disqualified for doping, however, at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Kenya participated under its own flag.

Doping in skiing

The biggest scandal happened in ski racing in March 2019. In the framework of the operation “Bleeding” of the Austrian and German police carried out raids in Seefeld during the world Cup. Among the detainees were winners of the world Championships and Olympic games Estonian Andreas VeerpaluKazakhstani Alexey Poltoranin, Austrians Dominik Baldauf and Mac Hauke, the latter took the act during the illegal operation of blood transfusion. It turned out that runs a network, which is headed by the German doctor Max Schmidt. All his “patients” were about fifty athletes from different sports. While their names are not disclosed.

On disqualification of Poltoranina and Veerpalu was only announced on 29 November 2019. Baldauf and Hauke in court, confessed to doping and was disqualified in July. Hauke was sentenced. It is important to note that it was disqualified is not WADA or international Federation, and Austria.


The athlete three years have successfully passed a drug test and openly shared exactly how. This, as well as massive fraud, once again speaks about WADA as a political tool. The system of identifying cases of doping is far from perfect, and there is no “purity of sport” and “protecting clean athletes” does not provide. Despite the introduction of blood passports and checking under the nose of the VAD worked for several years a whole network of organized doping.

Collective sanctions were not applied. It should be noted that the official authorities of any country not stood behind this Scam. On the contrary, the police carried out the investigation. Information waves this scandal is not caused. Few weeks to write about it stopped.

No additional investigations on charges of corruption after the disqualification of Kiprop was not. WADA felt that the institutional conspiracy missing

Norway is a country of “asthmatics”

Finally, even without names to remember about the huge number of Western athletes, especially Norwegian, which have so-called “therapeutic exception” for asthma. This allows them to legally apply the dope for the “treatment of disease”, which, of course, no one. Most interesting some athletes even themselves admitted it, as, for example, the Therese johaug.

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