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Top smartphones of 2017

Fast and powerful flagship smartphones

According to statistics, the highest number of smartphone sales is observed in the budget and middle segment, however, the attention of many people chained to the flagship – the most expensive, fastest and powerful machines.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Worth mentioning Samsung gelaksi s8. The average cost of this smartphone in the online store Foxtrot – 25 thousand hryvnias. This smartphone South Korean manufacturer has gained more than 80% of excellent ratings from users in reviews. Galaxy S8 has 5.8” screen, Android 7.0, 64 GB of user memory and 4 GB of RAM. Battery capacity – 3000 Am/h Screen in this flagship occupies 80% of the total area of the front panel. It is noteworthy that for unlocking the device, you can use a retinal scanner or a fingerprint, and camera, which is able to recognize the face of the wearer.


Also very remarkable flagship of the Korean manufacturer LG G6. He also represented in the sale of popular store Foxtrot. The average unit price is 22 thousand UAH. According to statistics Uzbekov this smartphone was delivered 85% of fives. Distinctive features of LG G6 are the standard aspect ratio display – 2880×1440, 5.7″ screen and touch keys on the front panel. Additionally, the device is able to work with memory cards up to 2 TB. Both the main camera to 13mp, but different lens characteristics: with 71° and 125° viewing angle. According to portal 4PDA smartphone LG G6 has better design, reliability and ergonomics among other devices of this segment.

The most productive device on the Android system in 2017 recognized as the OnePlus 3T. The average price of 13 thousand UAH. Due to the large gap in cost with other advanced models and good technical specifications of this smartphone was in the top 10 most sold in the world and called a murderer flagships. Sites Uzbekov he was awarded over 80% of excellent marks. 3T OnePlus has a 5.5 inch screen, 64 hectares of built-in memory 6 and the RAM. According to AnTuTu, this device is inferior in performance only iPhone 7. This means that OnePlus 3T is able to work simultaneously with two dozen active applications, tabs, and games. He also has a good battery life, quality camera and durability.

Redmi Note 4X

A popular family Redmi Note from Saami also boasts more than 80% of fives from users. It is quite cheap for a flagship. Its average price 4,5 thousand UAH. but Redmi Note 4X has excellent characteristics. It is also worth remembering that the previous model this manufacturer has become the most popular among Android devices. 5.5” screen, 3 RAM and 32 internal memory, 13 MP camera, processor c 8 aderemi and battery 4100 Am/h doing Redmi Note 4X new contender for the title of best in the world in the category of correlation “price-quality”.

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