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Top movies about HOW to SUMMON the DEVIL

In rolling out the horror of the Sonata (The Sonata), which presents not the banal instruction on call of the Antichrist. The main character is a violinist Rosa inherits an old mansion after his father’s death-a composer with whom she had virtually no contact. Once in his house, she finds a mysterious Sonata, guessing and playing that on light it is possible to call the devil himself.

Remember on this occasion movies and TV shows, which also are illustrative examples of how to call into this world the devil incarnate. We emphasize that for this top selected projects only 2010 years, anyway! In fact, from the recent, aforementioned “Sonata” and start.

Sonata (2018)

In the film, Andrew Desmond art comes into Union with the supernatural, which is a breath of fresh air for the genre. The threat of the birth of the Antichrist here does not depend on the efforts of a religious cult or inept handling of mystical attribute, which holds the dark magic, and brilliantly played music of the Sonata. Young real nightmare music performed by the incredible Freya tingly (“Hemlock grove”), which will become as the Apple of your ear, and a great way to tickle your nerves.

Reincarnation (2018)

One of the major horror films of this year is absolutely nothing like anything you’ve seen before. The tension here is growing very slowly, and at some point it may seem that nothing terrible will not happen, but towards the end you will understand why “Reincarnation” was with one voice named by critics as the worst film of recent years. To reveal details of the plot will not, just trust me on word that this is a unique experience.

By the way, among some viewers, the experiment was conducted during the viewing they have measured the pulse. On 30-Oh to minute it reached 130 beats per minute, and after half an hour the heart beat rate has reached 164.

Sinister (2012)

“Sinister” was released in 2012, showing a good result at the box office, received a sequel in 2015 (much less successful). The main character played by Ethan Hawke moves to the house where the laws of the genre there was a terrible murder. There he finds the videos, after seeing that the lives of all the inhabitants of the house are under threat. Bagul demon, summoned to this world, though is not the Antichrist, but that doesn’t make it less creepy.

Though the idea of the film and brings back memories of “the ring”, it still has the identity and the blood-curdling charm.

The Curse Of Annabelle (2014)

A spin-off of “the conjuring”, one of the most successful horror movies of recent years, tells about an evil spirit that in order to enter this world, uses vintage doll in a wedding dress. Have not been here and not satanic worship.

The most frightening thing about this story is that it really is based on real events, namely one of the spouses investigations of ed and Lorraine Warren. By the way, the doll herself is still kept in the Museum of the Occult, only her name isn’t Annabelle, and “Raggedy Ann”.

The babadook (2014)

Music, puppets, videos — as you know, all this able to call in our world the devil or a horrible demon. But we forgot that in the pages of books may also be a nightmare, not only a fascinating story. It all starts with the fact that Amelia decides to read to her son a book about a scary monster named the Babadook. But the boy is not simple and the power of thought is summoning a demon into this world. From this point one can’t distinguish reality from fiction…

The possession (2012)

As you might guess from the title, in this film, the demon gets into this world of a mysterious box, found by chance at the fair. Image Dibuka borrowed from Jewish folklore, however, his confinement in the box had already been invented by the authors of the film. By the way, the producer of the film is not afraid of this word, legendary Sam Raimi — the Creator of “evil dead”. That’s all you need to know.

American horror story: Apocalypse

As a bonus to complement our selection of TV series, because TV in the last time is almost up on a par with cinema.

Stephen king is considered to be the book “king of horror”, but on TV this status is rightly to give Ryan Murphy the Creator of the series-the anthology “American horror story”. The first season ended with the birth of the Antichrist, of whose fate we did not know for many years. Seven years later, the story of the son of Satan finally got a sequel season called “Apocalypse”. So if you are interested in coming to this world this evil, pay attention to one of the worst TV shows of our time.

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