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Top Microsoft Manager faces 20 years in prison: the reason

Топ-менеджеру Microsoft грозят 20 лет тюрьмы: названа причинаOne of the main achievements of the top Manager was considered the conclusion of a partnership agreement with the NFL.

Former marketing Director in the field of sports Microsoft Jeff Tran tried to steal from the Corporation $1.5 million, and 60 tickets for the main sports match of the year. For this he risks being in prison for up to 20 years.

Scam tickets

The former Director of Microsoft in the sports marketing Jeff Tran (Jeff Tran) accused of attempt of assignment of approximately $1.5 million, and the theft of 60 tickets for the super bowl (Super bowl) – the final game for the championship of the National football League of USA (NFL), which was intended for employees of the Corporation. Country accused charged with five counts of fraud, for which he collectively faces up to 20 years in prison.

According to the FBI, in January 2017, a top Manager, being responsible for the development of the relationship between Microsoft and the NFL, has promised to personally convey the company’s employees free match tickets provided by the League. Instead, it sold about 60 of them to third parties for $200 thousand and Then he earned another $12.4 thousand on the sale of tickets to the employee of Microsoft, convinced that they were purchased with personal money Tran.

Appetite comes while eating

A few months later, they hatched a plan that promised even greater benefits. Threatening to break relations with Microsoft, he convinced one of the consulting firms put a Microsoft account by $775 thousand in the name of fictitious companies. Bank account to which the money was transferred, belonged to the country.

In July 2017, the Director tried to crank out a new case already well-established pattern, demanding to charge the $670 thousand, and planning in the future to request another $500 thousand this time in a consulting company became suspicious and reported to Microsoft.

Caused by the administration on the carpet Tran claimed she has no idea about any accounts. He also previously attended to the removal of correspondence with representatives involved in the scheme of the company. When he presented evidence of his guilt, a top Manager said that his “hacked” hackers. However, he still had to return $775 thousand to the rightful owner.

“When we became aware of the activities of Mr. Tran, we conducted our own investigation, following which a contract was terminated, and the materials handed over to law enforcement,” said a Microsoft representative in an interview with The Verge.

Partnership Microsoft and the NFL

One of the main achievements of the top Manager was considered the conclusion of a partnership agreement with the NFL, whereby the transformer tablet Microsoft Surface became the “official tablet” of the League that, according to some, Microsoft was worth about $400 million. However, after the dismissal of Tran in December 2017, the agreement with the NFL was extended for another year without his participation in the negotiations.

The story of the partnership between Microsoft and the NFL knows something fun that, in some way, questioned the effectiveness of the investment of the Corporation in the Surface promotion with the NFL. Under the agreement, the official commentators of the League got their hands on Surface tablets, which came to replace paper. It was assumed that the speakers during the broadcast will be reading from their screens all sorts of information about the match – for example, the team from time to time, positively responding about the device. Apparently, not all commentators have been able to remember the name of the gadget, so sometimes live called him “gizmo like the iPad.”

Recall that American football is the most popular sport in the United States. On the day of the main match of the year to TV screens attracted the views of more than 100 million viewers, which is almost one third of the population.

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