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Top box office HORROR movies of 2017, rental USA, Russia and around the world (+ VIDEO)

Yesterday we introduced you to lists of highest-grossing films of the year in General, but today let’s examine the data on collections of a genre film.

Although, when it comes to genres, there’s always something to argue about. Especially if you are dealing with Hollywood blockbusters that usually are created according to certain patterns and use elements of different genres, including horror, and Comedy. Can you relate to the horror blockbuster movie “Kong: skull Island”? Or “the Dark tower”?.. A big question, but we felt that to a certain extent, with some reservations, is still possible. Yes, it’s a mixture of genres, but who would be “skull Island” was interesting without giant monsters?.. Whoever heard of “the Dark tower”, not whether it’s a movie based on the books by Stephen king?..

This year in the U.S. many have called “year of horror” – not implying (well, almost no meaning) with some political connotations. FIVE genre films and okolosustaveh were able to collect in 2017, more than a hundred million dollars in overseas box office – the result is really outstanding. And “It” and does have updated a number of cash records – not only for horror, but in General.

Top 13 highest-grossing horror movies of 2017 in the US box office

No.The filmFees ($million)
3Kong: skull Island168,05
5The curse of Annabelle: the Birth of evil102,09
7Alien: Covenant74,26
8Happy day of the dead55,68
9The dark tower50,69
10Blue abyss44,30
11Saw 8Of 38.00
12Underworld: blood War30,35
13AliveFor 30.23

In the world more successfully performed just blockbusters. This is especially evident in such films as “the Mummy” and especially “Resident evil: the final Chapter”, which in the U.S. box office performed poorly.

Top 13 highest-grossing horror movies of 2017 worldwide

No.The filmFees ($million)
1Kong: skull Island398,10
4Resident evil: the final Chapter285,41
5The curse of Annabelle: the Birth of evil203,70
6Alien: Covenant166,48
10Saw 862,90
11The dark tower61,05
12Happy day of the deadBetween 58.50
9Underworld: blood War50,73

Among the highest-grossing genre and okolosustaveh tapes Russian hire there was a place and Patriotic project “Gogol. The beginning”. To full-blooded horror movies it certainly is difficult to carry, but the fact that this movie close to horror, a doubt, perhaps no no. There were, however, successes, and absolute horror films – “Bride” became the highest grossing Russian horror in history, with around 180 million rubles. However, it was not enough to get in the top grossing premieres.

Top 13 highest-grossing horror movies of 2017 in distribution

No.The filmFees (R million)
3Kong: skull Island614,09
5The dark tower509,55
6Gogol. Beginning455,02
7Alien: Covenant428,37
8Resident evil: the final Chapter363,06
9The curse of Annabelle: the Birth of evil339,77
11Saw 8293,87
12The flatliners247,74
13A cure for health208,73

Well, with the final top-grossing horror films in 2017 on collections from around the world you can explore in the format of a video review (and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!):

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