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TOP 9 foods rich in vitamin D

ТОП-9 продуктов, богатых витамином DScientists have named nine products that can replace the sun.

These 9 foods will help to fill the lack of sun in autumn and winter, so be sure to add at least one of them in your daily diet.

The sun is the main source of vitamin D, which stimulates collagen production, increases skin elasticity, strengthens immunity and regulates the level of calcium in the body.

However, in autumn and winter the sun becomes less, and the body begins to suffer from a lack of this important component. But the deficit is easy to fill if you add into the diet foods that are high in vitamin d such as salmon, tuna, oysters or caviar. But if you don’t like fish, try eating more egg yolks and yogurt or drink more milk. Tell what useful each of these products.


A standard serving of salmon contains from 361 to 685 units of vitamin D. this means that simply adding this dish to your diet, you will get recommended daily dose is 600 units. Between frozen and fresh fish, choose fresh — it has more vitamins.


Like salmon, this fat-rich fish is a natural source of vitamin D. one serving contains 360 units of this substances the body needs. Mackerel is also rich in minerals, trace elements and omega-3 acids that improve metabolism and enhance the protective functions of the body. Therefore, it is especially useful for children and people with cardiovascular diseases.


A standard serving of tuna is rich in vitamin D — it is more than a third of the required standards. However, you should note that ocean fish and shellfish may contain various heavy metals, including mercury. In the tuna it can accumulate in high concentrations. Therefore it is better to limit consumption of this fish 170-180 grams a week.


Sardines — another natural source of vitamin D. one serving contains up to 272 units of this component needed to build bone tissue. Fish in the diet should definitely be added children, because vitamin D deficiency leads to rickets, brittle bones and an incorrect formation of the skeleton.


One egg yolk contains up to 30 units of vitamin D. Eggs — not the richest in this vitamin product, but they have a lot of proteins, fats and minerals, so they are very nutritious.


If you eat eggs only for the New year, you should reconsider your diet. In its composition contains 22 units of vitamin D. it Seems that it’s not much, but even this will be enough to make your body operate much better. Therefore, this dish can and should be pampered not only on holidays.


Mushrooms — one of the few plant sources of vitamin D. one serving contains about 18 percent of your daily value, so only to stop do not succeed, but add the mushrooms in some dishes definitely worth it.


A perfect dish for those watching their waistlines. Oysters are low in calories, but very useful ingredient in a single serving which contains more than half the daily value of vitamin D.


Shrimp — another dish for losing weight. It contains up to 152 units of vitamin D.

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