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TOP 5 possible scenarios of “doomsday” for 2018

ТОП-5 возможных сценариев «конца света» на 2018 год Planet Nibiru, in the opinion of futurists, can also cause the Apocalypse on Earth.

Experts say that next year will be the last for mankind. It is worth noting that the same conspiracy theorists talked about in 2017, but their sad predictions never come true.

Despite this, scientists still have made the TOP 5 possible scenarios of “doomsday” in the year of Yellow earth dog.

First place the futurists appropriated to the earthquakes. According to them, they will cause slow rotation of our planet.

“Silver” went to climate change. Allegedly the Earth will perish due to global warming, primarily attacking India and Europe.

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Third position apocalyptic disasters occupied the volcanoes. Special attention attracts the raging Yellowstone. On the fourth line is “blue star”, which will probably fall to the Ground in accordance with the predictions of the hopi Indians.

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