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Top 5 five drinks, which you should give up

Топ-5 пять напитков, от которых стоит отказатьсяNot all popular drinks that are good for your health.

Some popular drinks can harm our body due to high sugar content, carcinogens and other hazardous elements.

Scientists have compiled a list of five popular drinks, from the use of which should be abandoned, writes the New York Post.

According to research by American scientists from the organization Environmental Working Group, people often like to add in your coffee syrups, considering them part of a healthy diet and a pleasant addition to the coffee. Actually, syrups are divided into natural, which is made of berry juice and sugar, and dessert, which include essential oils, dyes, acids and sugar. Almost all cafes use only dessert syrups, which may contain carcinogens and other harmful chemical elements. Replace harmful syrups can be cinnamon or vanilla extract.

Diet soft drinks are in great demand because it is believed that they contain much less sugar. But, studies show that people who drink only diet soda were more prone to fat gain in the abdominal area than those who consumed regular soft drinks. Scientists have found that artificial sweeteners, which are used to prepare diet soda can ruin the taste buds. So over time the person ceases to feel the sweetness of fruit and the taste of vegetables.

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Concentrated juice and smoothies in bottles. According to scientists, juices and smoothies can be on a par with sodas. As experts explain, the high content of sugar, concentrated juice is often used as a sweetener in the manufacture of soft drinks and the band. Scientists insist on eating fruits in their original form instead of juices, since the body will get more minerals, including dietary fiber.

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Water with fruit flavor. As explained by experts, such water is a healthy alternative to lemonade. But if you look more, this drink contains not only sugar, but aspartame – artificial sweetener, preservatives and even dyes. In this case, the researchers propose to abandon this drink in favor of plain water or with added fresh fruit.

Nut milk with sweeteners. As the scientists explain, a sweeteners make the milk harmful to health as in this case, the amount of sugar in the drink is greatly increased. According to the documents of the world health organization, the daily recommended intake of sugar is 25 grams, while a small glass of sweet nutty milk contains 13 grams. Scientists suggest to limit the use of such milk in favor of the ordinary.

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