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TOP 5 causes of breakdowns iPhone

ТОП-5 причин поломок iPhoneService center Apple4you monitored the most common reasons to us customers, identifying why we are in the 90% ask for help. All 5 of them.

1. When the phone falls…

Nothing good should not wait. Among the most common reasons is broken glass on the smartphone. If for older models, the procedure was quick, simple, and inexpensive, the latest generation require a more comprehensive approach.

As the staff of our service are available in the original parts to replace the glass takes about 30 minutes. Prices are more than affordable, although you can always find cheaper, however, in this case you risk to get an IPhone low-grade “penny” module, that will certainly affect the performance.

Tip: In this regard, we recommend to think about buying a protective glass or film, which reduce the risk of “injury” and are inexpensive.

2. Discharged in the blink of an eye

The second reason for the queries on the website is a fast “discharge” of the iPhone, and the blame for this must be the device. His resources are not infinite. Practice shows that a modern battery can guarantee 1-2 years continuous operation, and then the cells fail due to external influences.

  • Generally, wear occurs due to the use of substandard chargers “Made in China”. They are “experts” in how to “kill” the electronics of the iPhone.
  • In addition, sometimes the life is affected by and temperature. If you leave the device for a long time in the cold (below freezing) or under the scorching sun, the reduction of the battery life is not the worst. Often this part is completely out of order and requires replacement.
  • Experts confirm that the lifetime of the battery depends on many factors, including the level of humidity.

    It is very difficult to protect the smartphone from all outside influences, but service master of Apple4you will give you some guidelines that will help you to understand that there is something wrong with the battery, and it is time to contact the experts:

  • The battery indicator shows incorrect data.
  • The battery is rapidly discharged.
  • IPhone is disabled before charge was over.
  • Swells back cover? Urgently time to go to the service or to make an application on the website
  • If the screen is blown up – the question is necessary to solve more urgent.
  • Often the smartphone is turned off when heat or cold.

    Usually we do such work quickly (from 15 minutes), replacing the battery and providing a warranty on the new battery.

    3. Water and iPhone - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

    The fluid entering the casing of the IPhone could lead to catastrophic consequences. This should include damage to the circuits of the gadget and damage of the battery. We recommend that, if trouble did happen, immediately shut off the iPhone and to bring it to us to properly dry (no Hairdryer) and conduct testing of all parts.

    Diagnostics in Apple4you absolutely free, to determine the exact specifics of repair work, ensuring their effectiveness. Plus, it is worth the trip to take care of the waterproof cover.

    4. Cheap charging

    Of course, Apple products made in China, but this country is as high-quality products, and low-grade, and it fully applies to chargers for gadgets of this brand. If you purchase a non-certified “charging” in which no notes MFI, it may bring you trouble later, until the ignition device. Our masters are often faced with breakdowns of chip U2 IC, which is responsible for battery functionality USB and button “sleeping mode”!

    5. Car and iPhone

    Should make a separate item accessories for charging phones in cars. The vast majority of portable devices have problems with power surges, which of course is negative for the iPhone. Yes, it’s convenient, right from the cigarette lighter to quickly charge the IPhone, but the risks are great, especially if you have expensive adapter. In the end, in the best case, the smartphone will be quickly discharged or even “refuse” to join”! If it is important to have the possibility of charging on the road, you should take a responsible approach to the choice of charger.

    It is necessary to repair wisely!

    Any technique in time breaks down is a fact, and Apple is no exception. If you are facing any of the situations listed above or any other, feel free to ask for help to the masters with a wealth of experience working in the service center Apple4you! Do not recommend you to try to fix a problem if you are not a master technician with great experience, otherwise, your next campaign will not be in service and in the market for a new device for communication.

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