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Top 5 best military developments in Ukraine. Photo

Топ-5 лучших военных разработок Украины. ФотоDevelopment, who enhanced the power of our army.

Whenever they appeared, these military developments have become a sensation on the battlefield. Packed with weapon carriers, ammunition capable of penetrating the armor of the best APC optical glass factory provides the whole military complex, or even a seaplane of the First world war, which rather resembled a flying armored fighter.

1. “Cossack-2” – the only Ukrainian armored vehicle passes the procedure of the research undermining

Топ-5 лучших военных разработок Украины. Фото

A Ukrainian armoured vehicle “Kozak-2” has a few modifications

“Cossack-2” is made on the basis of a civilian truck “Iveco EuroCargo”. Engine capacity – 5.9 liters power 279 horsepower. The machine is quite maneuverable – easy to overcome a rise of 60 degrees, lateral tilt of 30 and the murky depths of almost half a meter. Pleasantly surprised and the load capacity is 4 tons, and 6 can be Packed on the trailer.

Armored vehicle designed for three crew members and the airborne team of eight people. By the way, the seats do not stand on floor and hanging on the upper mounts of the frame. This is another level of occupant protection in the event of disruption of the bottom.

Under the brand “Cossack-2” was developed a few modifications, so it is able to perform several functions. You can install a machine gun or grenade launcher and to ensure fire support personnel. It is suitable for both tactical operations and intelligence. In the end, will serve as armored ambulances to evacuate the wounded.

2. Nikolaev shipbuilding plant – the company, which was preparing for the Soviet Union’s best carriers

Топ-5 лучших военных разработок Украины. Фото

Ukrainian avinoach made at the Nikolaev shipyard

The first Soviet aircraft carrier, the cruiser “Kiev” literally bustles weapons. 4 launchers of anti-ship missiles “Basalt”. Two launchers “STORM”, and 2 double-barreled artillery mount AK-726. At any moment the captain might give the command “broadside” and release on enemy torpedoes or depth charges.

However, the brainchild of the Nikolaev shipbuilding to feel free not only in the water. In the hangar of the cruiser could be on a dozen helicopters and planes are special lifts led out to the surface.

The length of the flight deck was 189 feet, but it was used for overclocking. The Yak-38 was up in the air vertically. A suspicious object, the pilots went in the specified direction to collect the captain for more information.

3. Izyumsky instrument plant – is a unique Ukrainian company producing optical glass

Топ-5 лучших военных разработок Украины. Фото

The Izyum optical glass factory manufactures for missile systems

To turn the sand into glass, you need to preheat the oven to 1800 degrees. And then – gently molding molten glass into blocks. At first glance, everything is simple, but there are nuances. During the procedure, it is important to avoid smoke, prevent formation of bubbles and the penetration of fine particles of stones.

The first stage is completed. Next, the frozen block of glass is cut and zashlifovyvajut, because soon it will be in the fire control systems on the Ukrainian “Bulat”, “Hold”, and “Dozor-B”. Cooperate with design Bureau “Luch”, which produce anti-missile systems “Stugna-Ne” and “Le Corsaire”.

4. Dmitry G. – the Ukrainian, who turned the plane into a formidable fighting unit

Топ-5 лучших военных разработок Украины. Фото

Seaplane “M-9” is the most popular invention of Dmitry G.

Kievlyanin Dmitry Grigorievich presented the seaplane “M-1”. This revolutionary invention of the big resonance has not caused. However, the military leadership soon again rushed to the engineer – in Europe it unfolded the First world war. And this time the Ukrainian managed to defeat the security forces.

Next project – the double “M-5” – immediately adopted the Baltic and black sea fleets. Most often, the seaplane used for reconnaissance. It is thanks to him on the way to Sevastopol, the pilots noticed a high-speed German cruiser “Breslau” and “goeben”. And a real star among the developments of Kiev was the model “M-9”. Here could fit three people – pilot, flight engineer, which dropped bombs, and arrows in the bow, which was fired from a machine gun “Maxim” the enemy ships. With an engine of 150 horsepower machine provides high speed, unlike many of the then fighters, well-kept water under four-point storm, and was even able to take off with snow.

5. “Stiletto” – a company that is willing to produce for Ukraine’s enhanced armor-piercing ammo ability

Топ-5 лучших военных разработок Украины. Фото

Stiletto Systems produces enhanced armor-piercing ammo ability

Is it possible to penetrate the armor thickness is 20.5 mm with a single bullet? Immediately suggests the idea that there is. Because such protection have the APC and it’s funny to confront them with a simple rifle. However we have a slightly outdated idea of the capabilities of modern ammunition, and it was confirmed by tests on the ground in the Zhytomyr region.

Cartridges from the company Stiletto capable of making a sieve from bullet-proof vests 6 the degree of protection and all the armored vehicles, which the troops involved in the so-called “L/DNR”, including the Russian “Tigers.”

The material for the bullets team manufactures not of finished alloys, and powder. The last pressed or sintered. This technique allows you to place the center of gravity of the symmetrical axis of the balloon, respectively, to minimize trajectory deviations. Core for sniper armor-piercing bullets made from tungsten alloy and tungsten carbide, actually, that increases piercing power.

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