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TOP 5 AR games for iPhone for the New year

ТОП-5 AR-игр для iPhone под Новый годExperts have collected five of the most addicting games that will take the user into the New year. They are available in the App Store.

Shooter Ghosts ‘n Guns will allow you to kill monsters that try to attack the man from all possible parts of the room.

First you need a smartphone camera to scan the floor, choose a position for firing (better be in a corner), to direct the camera at the creatures and shoot them. Squishy Hoops is a arcade game, the goal of which is to help the bird. It is necessary to “pull” from the rings, collecting prizes and trying not to kill the bird. And for the nostalgic Tamagotchi is a game Dragon AR. Its essence has not changed since the 90s: dragon, you should care. Depending on the time of day and mood, a dragon can be hiding anywhere.

Rainbow will help you to stay young. In this toy you need facial expressions to control character, a smiley face. The raising of the eyebrows will make him jump and frown – fall. If the snow and play with the ball all you want, AR Sports Basketball here.

The basket size varies depending on the area of the premises and on the street it becomes actual size.

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