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Top 10 worst games of 2016

Топ-10 худших игр 2016 годаWorst game in Metacritic antitope was Ghostbusters.

Reviews aggregator Metacritic has compiled their own top 10 worst games of 2016. It is noted that the ranking includes only major projects, published from 1 January to 31 December 2016 and with at least seven reviews of journalists.

So, the worst game in antitope was Ghostbusters Metacritic with a rating of 30 points out of 100. The project came together with the same film. Second place was awarded to the football game Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival, and third — Soda Drinker Pro. Both games have a rating of 31 out of 100.

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Fourth place went to horror for PS VR Weeping Doll, which critics considered not terrible. Behind him in the top goes RPG Langrisser Re:Incarnation — TENSEI — Nintendo 3DS zombie shooter 7 Days to Die. Seventh place went to co-op shooter Umbrella Corps, which takes place in the universe of Resident Evil.

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The ranking was also a Russian game Alekhine”s Gun, also known under the name “Death to spies 2”. The game ranked eighth of the top and, according to most reviews, is a “cheap copy” of the Hitman series. Complete the racing game Coffin Dodgers and shooting Ace Banana.

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